From Farmerville

The Gazette
April 11, 1900

Mr. W. J. Atkinson went to Ruston Sunday.

J. G. Trimble has just received a big assortment of 25¢ novels.

A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. M. Gilbert last Sunday.

A splendid rain fell Saturday night.

Friday is a legal holiday, it being Good Friday.

The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Everett is quite sick.

Mr. W. L. Trimble will return home this evening from a trip to Missouri.

Composition books and vertical copy books at The Gazette office.

Farmers are busy planting corn and preparing cotton land. The weather is all they could wish.

Pure, home-made ribbon cane syrup for sale at J. D. Baughman’s. 50¢ per gallon.

Prof Matthews, principal of Everett Institute of Spearsville, visited Farmerville last Saturday.

Policeman Hilton, of Monroe, was seriously hurt in a fall from a fireman’s truck last week.

The Rosa B. came up to Farmerville landing Tuesday evening with a fair freight. She left for Monroe to-day.

I am prepared to mend all kinds of shoes, harness, &c. Work guaranteed.  Levi Heath, Farmerville, La.

Easter exercises will be conducted at the Methodist church in Farmerville next Sunday evening under the auspices of the Epworth League.

100,000 First Class staves wanted. Will exchange mules, merchandise, accounts and notes for same.  J. D. Baughman.

Don’t fail to go to the polls next Tuesday. Vote and be sure to vote right. Don’t stamp the emblem and then stamp opposite any candidate’s name.

The new gasoline boat “Union” owned by Messrs. R. A. Bass and L. A. Ward, made her initial trip to Farmerville landing Thursday afternoon with a fair freight.

The Monroe News says “Mr. J. P. Smith has moved his family here from Ouachita City. They occupy the residence at the corner of Sixth and Calypso sts.”

Ladies are especially invited to call at Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd., and see their pretty line of millinery goods. They can please you in a hat. Latest styles and lowest prices.

The Southern Home Building and Loan Association of Atlanta, Ga., in which concern many citizens of Farmerville took stock several years ago, has gone into the hands of a receiver.

We have now received our full line of spring goods. Call and examine our stock. Latest styles, choicest patterns and lowest prices in all lines of dry goods, notions &c. Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wm. Hollis died last week at his home near Spearsville, after a brief illness with pneumonia. He was about 24 years of age. He leaves a young wife, having only been married two or three months.

Last Thursday the roof of the residence occupied by Mr. C. D. Covington and family caught fire from a spark. The alarm was promptly given, and the blaze was easily extinguished. It had burned a hole in the roof about 5 feet square.

No mail was received at Farmerville Tuesday evening from Shreveport or New Orleans, hence we cannot give the latest news this week. The failure was due probably to some delay on the V.S. & P. railroad.




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