From Farmerville

The Gazette
May 2, 1900

Choice Timothy hay at G. L. Shields’.

Sunday was an ideal spring day.

Everything cheap at G. L. Shields’

Capt. H. W. McLeod spent a few days of last week in Ruston on business.

You can get coffins from $3 to $50. — J.R. SIMMONS

Another rain fell Saturday, which will continue the interference of farm work.

Buy your hay, oats, corn and bran at G. L. Shields’.

The gasoline boat “Union” was at our landing Sunday with a fair freight.

Remember you can get photos for the next two weeks at $1.00 per dozen.

A hen party was given Monday night at Mr. D. Stein’s residence in Farmerville.

When in Farmerville don’t forget to call at  G. L. Shields’ grocery store.

Mr. Robert Webb, of Shiloh, went to Monroe Wednesday to take in the fireman’s parade.

Pure, home-made ribbon cane syrup for sale at J. D. Baughman’s. 50¢ per gallon.

Our editor is attending the annual session of the Louisiana Press Association at New Iberia this week.

I am prepared to mend all kinds of shoes, harness &c. Work guaranteed.                                                                                      Levi Heath, Farmerville, La.

Capt. O. Baughman came up to Farmerville from Monroe Sunday afternoon and returned Monday morning.

Composition books and vertical copy books at The Gazette office.

Mr. David Chandler, of the steamer Rosa B., came up to Farmerville from Monroe Tuesday on the gasoline.

G. L. Shields has just received a full line of fancy and family groceries.

Miss Lillian Daniel, of Waco, Tex., daughter of the late Sheriff Daniel, is visiting relatives and friends in Union Parish.

When you want good steak, roast, etc., at lowest prices, call at the new beef market in town, owned by Messrs. Floyd Chandler and Willie Barnes.

District court will reconvene in Farmerville next Monday. The grand jury will also assemble at that time.

Everyone admires the dark back ground photograph. You can get them for $1 per dozen at Burright’s photo tent on Main street in Farmerville.

Rabbi Heinberg, of Monroe, came in Farmerville Tuesday evening to perform the rite of circumcision on the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Haas.

Married: —At the residence of the bride’s brother, J. T. Dumas, Alfred Honeycutt to Miss Sarah J. E. Dumas. Rev. H. H. Ward officiating.

I will be in Farmerville on Thursday, May 3rd, where I will remain for a week, prepared to do all kinds of dental work.  C. H. Laurence

The school at the Farmerville Academy, under the management of Prof. Ben Johnson, will close Friday afternoon, with a literary entertainment.

To advertize my work, I will make card size photos for $1 per dozen for the first two weeks, beginning May 4th. You will find me at Burright’s tent on Main street in Farmerville.

At the recent municipal election held in Bernice recently the following officers were elected: Mayor, J. T. Crews; marshal, J. H. Mabry; aldermen, E. B. Robinson, J. C. Colvin and S. W. Sanders.

J. G. Trimble has just received a big assortment of 25¢ novels.


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