From Farmerville

The Gazette
May 9, 1900

Bring your parish scrip to THE GAZETTE office.

Read stray notice in another column.

J. G. Trimble has just received a big assortment of 25¢ novels.

The police jury met Monday in special session.

Mr. Ludwig Hartman is confined to his room with sickness.

For Sale
One Buckeye mower and rake.
J. D. Baughman

Mr. Robinson, of Monroe, was in Farmerville to-day, taking orders for the Keller Grocer Co.

Mayhaws are very late this spring. They are just beginning to ripen.

Mrs. O. C. Dawkins and children came up Tuesday from Monroe.

We regret to learn that Mr. Geo. Phillips, of Colson ward, is quite ill with pneumonia.

Pure, home-made ribbon cane syrup for sale at J. D. Baughman’s. 50¢ per gallon.

Mr. Will Mashaw, of Ruston, is spending a few days in Farmerville.

Mr. Fryar, the popular tombstone agent, was circulating among his Farmerville friends Tuesday.

You can get coffins from $3 to $50.  J. R. SIMMONS.

Miss Mollie Bird spent a few days this week with friends in Farmerville.

Candidates for the offices to be filled by the police jury were very much in evidence Monday.

Yes, Baughman has them — Grain Cradles, or Mowers! Buy them and be ready for your oats.

Judge W. R. Roberts and Mr. Jonas Selig, of Bernice, were on our streets Monday.

Messrs. J. R. Fuller and W. F. Grafton are both building nice residences in Bernice.

I am prepared to mend all kinds of shoes, harness &c. Work guaranteed.
Levi Heath,
Farmerville, La.

Messrs. Y. S. Fuller and James Hoffman, of the eighth ward, have returned home from New Orleans, where they went to sell staves.

A sitting of the district court is being held in Farmerville this week. There is not much business before the tribunal.

We  are requested to announce that a teachers’ institute will be held in Ruston during the week beginning May 21st.

Mr. Abe Arent arrived from Monroe Tuesday afternoon aboard the gasoline boat Union, to visit relatives and friends.

The gasoline boat Union reached Farmerville landing Tuesday afternoon from Monroe with a light freight.

J. D. Barksdale, Esq., of Ruston, and J. E. Reynolds, Esq. of Arcadia, came to Farmerville Tuesday afternoon to attend court.

Mr. J. R. Simpson, of Moseley’s Bluff neighborhood, sent to our office last Saturday a fine specimen of fall oats. They measured six feet in height.

We have now received our full line of spring goods. Call and examine our stock. Latest styles, choice at patterns and lowest prices in all lines of dry goods, notions &c. Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd.

Mr. J. A. Peek, of Ouachita, say that most of the farmers are through planting in his neighborhood notwithstanding the interference of the recent rains.

Pleasant social entertainments were given at the residences of Mr. G. Hartman and Mrs. Ella Cook on Friday and Monday evenings, respectively.

Ladies are especially invited to call at Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd., and see their pretty line of millinery goods. They can please you in a hat! Latest styles and lowest prices.

Composition books and vertical copy books at THE GAZETTE office.

The grand jury made a partial report Wednesday morning, returning four true bills

Farmers are now very busy in their fields –“making hay while the sun shines.” District court, grand jury and police jury, all in session in Farmerville Monday, failed to draw a large crowd of people to town.

A session of the Union Parish Teachers’ Association will be held at Shiloh next Saturday; and we are informed that the good people of that place wil give a basket dinner for the occasion.

The Buckskin Breeches are good at the start and they stay good longer than any Jeans pants made. After we found that they were the best, we started in for fit and looks. We now make the best pants as to wear, and then they fit and look better than many custom made dress pants. Our cutters are experts. Ask your dealer about them.

Mr. J. C. Shumaker, of the Junction Democrat, was in Farmerville Monday. He says a big revival has recently closed in Junction, at which there were over 100 conversions.

A man by the name of Hardy who lives in Sabine parish telegraphed to Farmerville this week for a description of Crocket Hardy the finding of whose dead body was reported in last week’s issue of The Gazette. Hardy, of Sabine, thinks the murdered man was his brother.

National Baptist Anniversaries, Detroit, Michigan.

The St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway will sell tickets at one fare plus two dollars for round trip. Tickets on sale May 21st and 22nd, good returning May 30. Any information desired will be cheerfully furnished by  H. D. Apgar, Agent, Monroe, La.

Constable Sterling, of the eighth ward, says four members of Mr. W. B. Lowery’s family at Bernice have the disease called Cuban itch. It is quite similar to a mild type of small pox, and while the physicians say it is contagious, yet a person will only take it by coming in close contact with the disease.


From my place, six miles north of Farmerville, a dark sorrel mare pony, about six years old; slightly crippled in left shoulder, branded on left hip, black mane and tail. Wednesday, the 4th inst., she was seen near Charlie Davis’ place. Will pay a liberal reward for her return or information leading to her recovery.

The post office department certainly ought to re-establish the mail route between Farmerville and Marion. Under the circuitous way that mails now travel between these two points, which are only fourteen miles apart, over a week is required to get a reply to a letter. This is a serious drawback to business. Farmerville being the parish site, all citizens of Union , naturally have business at this place, and hence they are entitled to direct mail communication. We believe that if the postmasters at Farmerville and Marion would join in presenting the case to the post office department they will find no trouble in getting mail facilities three times a week between the two points.

Court Items

District court opened Monday afternoon with Judge Barksdale, District Attorney Roberts and the other court officers at their respective posts.

At this sitting only four cases on the criminal docket are ready for trial and they are fixed for to-day. The civil docket is also very light.

The suit of Mrs. L. J. Mayo and husband vs. Mrs. M. Brown was dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Cases on probate and appeal docket will be tried Thursday.


The baseball season has begun. It will undoubtedly be peculiarly fatal to the grandmothers of office boys.



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