Shooting Scrape

The Gazette
May 30, 1900

A ripple of excitement was created in Farmerville Monday afternoon by a shooting affray on Main street between J. B. Covington and W. D. Chandler , both white men. Each extended compliments to the other in the nature of two shots apiece. Covington used a Winchester rifle and Chandler a 38-calibre pistol.

A ball from Chandler’s weapon struck the horse Covington was riding in the upper part of the neck penetrating and lodging in the animal’s skin on the other side. The remaining shots flew wild, causing by-standers to do some lively dodging for the moment. Marshal Atkinson arrested both the parties and carried them before Mayor Archer. Covinton was fined $15.00 and costs and Chandler was discharged.

It seems that the parties had a difficulty on the morning of the shooting after which Covington threatened revenge, and arming himself with a Winchester, rode down the street and found Chandler at the store of Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd., where the shooting occurred after a few words.


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