From Lillie

The Gazette
May 30, 1900

The poker tent, spoken of some time since, has bee moved. So much for the morality of the people of Lillie.

Capt. C. C. Henderson stopped off here one day not long since, stating that he intended putting up a depot and a telephone office in the near future.

The tram road is being constructed from near the mill east across little Cornie.

Mr. C. F. Fallin accidentally got his hand cut at the “cut-off’ saw at the plainer not many days ago.

A new engine has been placed on this road recently.

Messrs. Miller and McDonald, two important factors in running the saw here, have given up their jobs and are going to Mann (?), La.

Mr. J. W. Burton, the present mail carrier from Spearsville to Junction City, now has the contract for carrying the mail from Spearsville to Lillie, the former route being discontinued after June 1.

Had a very good rain here on the 22nd. It was gladly received, too.

Mr. T. G. Post left for Stephens county, Texas, on the 26th.

One evening this week, one Mrs. Broom milked a cow belonging to Mr. G. L. Goss, and while the lady was walking out of the pen the cow ran at her and carried her the pen on her horns. The lady was badly hurt. Mr. Goss, in trying to assist the lady, was also thrown to the ground by the vicious cow.

One Mr. Amos, log contractor and saw filer at Farrar’s mill, died on the 25th, of fits. Those who knew him spoke of him as being a good man.



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