From Farmerville

The Gazette
June 13, 1900

Mr. J. T. Davis of Cherry Ridge, was in town Monday.

They say that Stein is selling goods cheaper than anybody.

Mr. G. L. Shields went to Monroe on business on Monday.

Dr. W. C. Murphy, a prominent citizen of Oakland, was in Farmerville  Monday.

After a pleasant visit in Ruston, Miss Jessie Manning returned home Tuesday afternoon.

Pure, home-made ribbon cane syrup for sale at J. D. Baughman’s. 50¢ per gallon.

Prof. Geo. W. Mason has been elected principal of the Junction City school for next term.

Capt. H. W. McLeod and J. D. Barksdale, Esq., of Ruston, came over to Farmerville Sunday.

Judge R. B. Dawkins went to Ruston last Friday on official business. He returned home Tuesday.

You can get coffins from $3 to $50.   J. R. SIMMONS.

Commissions for the newly elected sheriff, coroner and police jurors were received last week.

Mrs. E. J. Haas and children, who were on a visit to relatives and friends in Vicksburg, returned home Sunday afternoon.

The summer schools are now beginning to open and you can get school books, stationery, slates, ink, etc., form J. G. Trimble.

Mr. B. T. Hopkins and Dr. O. H. Thompson, substantial businessmen of Marion, were in Farmerville Tuesday one business.

I will be in Shiloh on June 20th to remain for a week, prepared do all kind of dental work.  C. H. LAURENCE

Mr. H. T. Brown, of D’Arbonne neighborhood, brought a lot of fine peaches to town Saturday. They went like hot cakes.

Mr. Ernest Ramsey came home last week from Brownwood, Texas, where he has been attending school.

Mr. Estes, the hustling traveling representative of the Shreveport Times, was in Farmerville Saturday.

Representative E. T. Sellers came up from Baton Rouge Saturday to spend a day or so with his family at Walnut Lane.

Mr. O. C. Dawkins, editor of Monroe News, brought his family up to Farmerville Sunday to spend a few days with their Farmerville friends.

Mr. W. W. Guthrie, of Ruston, visited relatives and friends in Farmerville a few days ago. He was accompanied home by Mrs. H. L. Jamesons.

One of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McGough’s little boys had the misfortune to fall from a tree Monday and get both of his arms broken.

Mr. Duke Selig has been given the contract to keep the streets of Farmerville in repair for twelve months for $250. He has very much improved the condition of North Main street.

Sheriff Pleasant made another settlement last Wednesday with Treasurer Dawkins, turning over for credit of parish funds $1134.24 in scrip and $825.44 in cash; for credit of school funds $198.55.

The handsome sum of $246 was raised at a collection for missions and other purposes at the Farmerville Methodist church Sunday. Two persons alone subscribed $200 of the amount.

Rev. H. B. Thomason is conducting a protracted meeting at the Methodist church in Farmerville. He is being ably assisted by Rev. Mr. Singleton, of Ruston. Mr Singleton is a forceful, instructive and entertaining speaker.

Mrs. Henry Wilson died Tuesday morning at her husband’s home near Holmesville. Several months ago Mr. Wilson sustained a fall in which both of her legs was broken, since which time she has been hardly able to get around. She was about 55 years of age.


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