From Lillie

The Gazette
July 11th, 1900

The fact that this pen has been silent for several weeks is no evidence that Lillie is dead. The water in Little Cornie has been nearing her borders since the rains, but still she continues to hold her own except on excursion days, when many of her inhabitants go south.

Mr. Floyd Rockett has sold his property in Lillie, and has moved back “to the country”.

One day last week Mr. Sam Terrell, of near Camp Creek neighborhood, while returning home from Junction City, was thrown from his horse and badly hurt.

Mr. Claud Cook has the latest case of measles in Lillie.

There was singing and preaching at New Hope church last Sunday. Prof. Lewis was on time and in tune.

Miss Lillie Farrar has quietly passed from earth to try the realities of another world. This is a sad affliction to her father who a few years ago lost his dear companion.

Mr. Calvin Vickers, who lived near Lockhart on DeLoutre, died last week. It is stated that he was one hundred and two years of age.

Mr. P. D. Morgan, an old resident of Canaan neighborhood, stole him a girl recently and is now married again. The bride was Miss Linnie Tilmon of this war.



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