From Farmerville

The Gazette
July 25, 1900

Mr. Abe Stein is spending a few days at home.

Mr. R. J. Rasbury and family left Sunday to spend a week at the Chautauqua.

Miss Reita Hartman returned home Friday evening after a brief visit at the Ruston Chautauqua.

You can get coffins from $3 to $50.  J. R. Simmons.

Miss Ellen Haas returned home Sunday evening, after a two week’s visit with friends in Coushatta.

Miss Rosa Douglas, of Columbia, is visiting Mrs. Chapman in our town.

Ex-Sheriff B. F. Pleasant visited his son Col. R. G. Pleasant at Shreveport this week.

E. T. Lamkin, Esq., a prominent attorney of Monroe, was in Farmerville Monday on professional business.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE — Several good milk cows with young calves. And one fine Holstein bull 2 years old. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Miss Belle Trimble returned home Friday, after a month’s pleasant visit in Ruston, La., Portland, Ark., and Hillsboro, Texas.

After a brief illness, Miss Dettie Lou, the sever-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Tugwell died last week.

Mr. Willis Cooper, brother of Police Juror Cooper, died last Saturday night after a protracted illness.

Eld. J. V. B. Waldrop, of Spearsville, filled his monthly appointments Saturday and Sunday at the Farmerville Baptist church.

Miss Audry Davis, of Cherry Ridge, visited relatives in Farmerville this week, the guest of her sister Mrs. S. C. Selig.

Mr. Ponder representing the shoe house of Martinez Bros., New Orleans, was in Farmerville Wednesday.

Mr. Roberson, of the Keller Grocer Co., Monroe, was talking groceries to our merchants Tuesday.

The St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern railroad has canceled its proposed excursion to Hot Springs, Ark.

Miss Louise McLeod, of Ruston, is visiting friends in Farmerville. She is the guest of Miss Belle Trimble.

At their recent session the police jury elected Mr. C. M. Farris, of the eighth ward, for supervisor of election for Union Parish.

Mr. Crawford Manning returned home Sunday afternoon. For the past two months he has held a clerical position in the auditor’s office at Baton Rouge.

Staves!  Staves!

I want to buy or contract for the following staves: 15,000 Pipes, 20,000 Hogsheads, 15,000 to 20,000 Clarets, 10,000 West Indies and 15,000 Barrels. Nothing but good staves wanted.  R. M. GILL.

Gov. Heard attended a meeting of the board of administrators of the State Industrial School at Ruston last Thursday; and while in North Louisiana he availed himself of the opportunity to visit his mother at Shiloh.

The Downsville school opens October 1, with a strong faculty and new buildings. Board in best families $7 to $8 a month. Tuition $1 to $3 a month. Parents will do well to investigate the merits of this school before deciding to send elsewhere.

Editor O. C. Dawkins, of the Monroe News, came up to Farmerville Saturday afternoon, having been called here by the illness of his son, Bruton. Mrs. Dawkins accompanied him. The child is much better, so Mr. Dawkins returned to Monroe Monday.

The jury commissioners drew a venire last Thursday for the August sitting of court. The list is published elsewhere. The grand jurors will report on Monday, August 20, while the petit jurors will not be needed until the following Monday, 27th.

Mr. J. D. Baughman and two of his children have been on the sick list with fever for the past few days. The illness of the children is said to be scarlet fever, but if so it is a very light form, as one of them has recovered and the other is doing well.

The Gazette received a pleasant call Monday from Mr. Raphael Levy, of Texarkana, and Mr. Henry Marx, of Pine Bluff. These gentlemen were in our midst to visit relatives. They were favorably impressed with the agricultural and timber resources of our section.




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