From Farmerville

The Gazette
August 8, 1900

Mr. Gus Hartman went to Monroe Tuesday on business.

Best babbitt metal at this office. The best is the cheapest.

The price of cotton took a big tumble last week.

We are requested to state that Dr. Thompson  says there is no scarlet fever in Marion vicinity.

Mrs. S. C. Lee, of Arcadia, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Barnes, of our town.

Mrs. James Rabun, of West Monroe, is visiting relatives in our town.

President J. B. Aswell, of the Ruston Industrial Institute, was in Farmerville Sunday.

Dr. C. H. Laurence came to Farmerville Sunday, pursuant to his announcement.

Mrs. M. A. Calloway has returned home after a protracted visit in Ruston.

Mrs. Ida Alcus is visiting her sister Mrs. D. L. Cromwell in Bernice.

You can get coffins from $3 to $50. – J. R. SIMMONS.

Miss Jessie Manning returned home from Ruston last Wednesday evening.

Mr. S. P. Lewis is now conducting a singing school at Union school house near Marion.

Mr. J. G. Davis and sister, Miss Virginia Thornton, of Ruston, are visiting relatives in Union Parish this week.

Miss Louise McLeod returned to her home in Ruston Sunday evening, after a couple weeks visit in Farmerville.

Mrs. Effie Everett, of Shiloh, is visiting relatives in Farmerville. She is the guest of Mrs. Luane Everett.

Mr. T. C. Dean has been quite sick for the past four weeks at the home of Mr. W. C. C. Smith near town.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE – Several good milk cows with young calves. And one fine Holstein bull 2 years old. – J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. John B. Hays, of the commission firm of Stewart Bros. & Co., New Orleans, was in Farmerville Tuesday on business.

After a five weeks absence at the Chautauqua and in Hillsboro, Tex., Miss Louise Trimble reached home Sunday evening.

If you contemplate buying a piano, iron safe or any sort of machinery, apply at The Gazette office. Can save you money.

The Gazette has received this week two fully open bolls of cotton. They were sent in by Constable Brasher and Mr. Gus Thornton.

Judge R. B. Dawkins and District Attorney F. F. Preaus went to Ruston Sunday, where they will dispense justice to Lincoln’s alleged transgressors of the law.

Mr. Geo. Walker sent to our office Monday a cucumber that weighed three pounds and six ounces and measured thirteen inches in length.

After a pleasant visit of several days with relatives and friends in Lincoln Parish, Mr. R. J. Rasbury and family reached home Friday evening.

Mr. W. E. Seay, of Shreveport, spent Thursday and Friday in Farmerville, as the representative of the Equitable Life Assurance Society.

After a ‘breathing spell” of four days, the weather clerk gave us another rain Sunday afternoon; and “repeated the dose” Monday afternoon.

Mrs. H. B. Thomason and children returned from Haynesville last Friday. Miss Ada Brown accompanied them home, and is their guest.

The trustees of the Farmerville Institute met Monday to consider applications for the principalship of the school. Nothing final was done.

The four-year old girl of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Roane died at Calhoun on July 20th, of congestive. chill.

Judge G. A. Killgore, a large planter of Natchitoches Parish, was a caller at our office Saturday. The Judge and his family have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Killgore, Sr., of our parish.

A gasoline boat made a trip from Monroe to Farmerville last week. Bayou D’Arbonne has had sufficient water for navigation at times during every month of this year.

Gov. Heard has appointed on his staff as judge-advocate general with rank of brigadier general, Lieut. Col. R. G. Pleasant, formerly of Farmerville, bu now a resident of Shreveport.

Mr. W. B. Thompson, of the cotton house of W. B. Thompson & Co., New Orleans, was in Union Parish last week, looking after the interests of his firm.

Mr. C. M. Farris, of Shiloh ward, was among The Gazette‘s callers Monday. He says the Democrats of his section are anxious for a primary to decide the contest for assessor. This seems to be the prevailing sentiment all over the parish.

I will go to Marion next Monday, August 13th, to remain one week, when I will be prepared to do all kinds of dental work. Will return to Farmerville on August 20th to stay one week.  C. H. LAURENCE.

Mrs. Olive Hendricks, daughter of Mr. S. P. Lewis, died last Saturday morning near Okalousas in Ouachia Parish. Her remains were carried to Downsville Sunday and interred in the cemetery there.

Messrs. M. F. Carey and J. T. Wade, of D’Abonne, were in town Tuesday, looking after the formation of a school district in their neighborhood, with the view of voting a tax in aid thereof.

Sheriff Murphy brought from Ruston Thursday two negroes who were charged with carrying concealed weapons. Judge Dawkins and District Attorney Preaus, being on hand, considered the case at once, with the result that the darkies paid a $25 fine each and all costs, and then went on their way rejoicing. In default of payment of fine and costs, they were given four months on the public roads; and rather than work that long they promptly shelled down the cash. Such sentences will put a stop to the promiscuous carrying of pistols.

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