From Farmerville

The Gazette
August 29, 1900

A good, sober, energetic all-round office man is wanted at The Gazette office. Send references and state salary expected. J. G. Trimble

Attorney Harper, of El Dorado, is attending court here.

Court is now engaged with the criminal docket.

Jury and witness claims cashed at The Gazette office.

Mr. J. C. Cargill is on the sick list this week.

Mr. W. J. Atkinson went to Ruston Monday.

Best babbitt metal at this office. The best is the cheapest.

Mr. A. L. Pace went to Monroe this week on business.

Miss Birdie Cook spent a few days of last week in Bernice.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hay, of Colson neighborhood, were in Farmerville Monday.

Prof. J. B. Aswell, president of the Ruston Industrial school, was in Farmerville Monday.

FOR SALE – 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

The grand jury adjourned last Saturday. Their report will be found in another column.

Mrs. Geo. Dumas died at her home near D’Arbonne last Wednesday night.

Cane mills and evaporating pans.  MONROE HARDWARE CO. (LTD).

Judge G. A. Killgore, of Natchitoches Parish, was a visitor to our town Tuesday.

Mr. Brondnax, of Bastrop, was in Farmerville Tuesday talking life insurance to our people.

Mr. Andy Harkness, a young farmer on Mr. B. F. Grafton’s place, died Monday of congestion.

A new lot of ledgers, record books and different kinds of stationery just received at The Gazette office.

Mrs. E. J. Lassiter left Friday for her home in Opelousas after several day visit with relatives in Farmerville.

This is the season of the year to get your gin machinery in repair. Best sort of babbit metal at The Gazette office. Lowest prices.

We are sorry to report that there is no visible improvement in Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Wallace’s child. It is very sick.

After a visit of a few days with relatives and friends in this parish, Mrs. Windes left this morning for her home in Monroe.

Mr. Lane, the genial representative of the Southern Grocer Co., Monroe, was on our streets Wednesday.

Mrs. J. U. H. Wharton, on El Dorado, Ark., spent a few days of last week with friends in Farmerville.

A refreshing rain visited many sections of this parish Sunday. If it had fallen ten days sooner, it would have been worth hundreds of dollars to the cotton growers.

L. E. Thomas, Esq., of Shreveport, is attending the present sessions of court. Mrs. Thomas accompanied him here on a visit to relatives and friends.

Mrs. H. P. Robinson of the eighth ward died last week. She leaves a husband, three children and several other relatives to mourn her death.

The Baptist church of Farmerville at conference Sunday called Eld. Mr. Hughes, of Oakland, for their pastor for the next associational year.

A pretty stiff gale from the north blew in the vicinity of Farmerville Sunday night. It was even severe enough to frighten people who were engaged in religious services at the Baptist church, and resulted in the dismissal of the congregation. Where is a better place for a person to be during a storm than at church?

Mr. B. T. Hopkins informs us that the school tax elections in the different districts of Marion ward, which were held last Saturday, all resulted resulted in favor of the tax by good majorities.

Eld. J. V. B. Waldrop, assisted by Eld. Mr. Watson, of Holly Springs, Ark., is conducting a protracted meeting at the Farmerville Baptist church. The services are well attended.

Farmerville received her first bale of cotton of the new crop last Friday. It was raised by a negro named Jim Highshaw. It weighed 472 pounds and was sold to R. Haas, Agent, for 10 cent per pound. This is seven-eighths of a cent higher than West Monroe’s first bale brought.

Prof. Harris has engaged the services of Miss Nora Goyne to teach in his school on the Louisiana side. Miss Nora is an experienced teacher and the selection is a good one. –Junction Democrat.

The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buce, living on Sixth street, died Saturday afternoon about five o’clock and was buried yesterday in the Monroe cemetery. — Monroe News.




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