From Farmerville

The Gazette
September 5, 1900

Jury and witness claims cashed at The Gazette office.

Read the pardon notice elsewhere.

Best babbitt metal at this office. The best is the cheapest.

Mr. Gus Hartman went to Monroe Monday.

Mrs. J. R. Nettles, of Marion ward, is reported dangerously ill.

Mr. Morgan, of Calhoun, representing the Monroe Grocer Co., is in Farmerville to-day.

Broadas, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Turnage, is quite sick with fever.

Cane mills and evaporating pans.   MONROE HARDWARE CO. (LTD).

Mrs. J. B. Covington and daughter Pearl left Monday on a trip to Hot Springs.

Mr. Abe Arent was in Farmerville Monday taking orders for Meyer Bros., of Monroe.

FOR SALE – 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Prof. J. O. Hodnett has opened a school at Marion with a good attendance.

The police jury made an appropriation of $50 for the benefit of the Union Parish fair this fall.

A slight improvement in the condition of Mr. S. B. Wallace’s little son was reported this morning.

The police jury has been in session since Monday, with all the members present. They expect to adjourn to-day.

A new lot of ledgers record books and different kinds of stationery just received at The Gazette office.

Misses Mollie Bird and Lillian Daniel are visiting friends in Farmerville. They are the guests of Mrs. Ella Cook and family.

Mrs. Luane Everett left Monday for Keachie, La., to take a position in the faculty of the female college there.

This is the season of the year to get your gin machinery in repair. Best sort of babbit metal at The Gazette. Lowest prices.

Sheriff Murphy made a flying trip to Bienville Parish the first of the week in quest of a party for whom he held a warrant. He caught his man.

Mr. D. E. Laupheimer, a clerk in the wholesale grocery establishment of Thompson & Ritchie, Ruston, spent Sunday in Farmerville.

The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fenton died Sunday in Junction City. Its remains were brought to Farmerville Monday for interment.

Wagons! Wagons!! Wagons!!! We have on hand a large stock of the celebrated HICKMAN wagons.  MONROE HARDWARE CO. (LTD.)

Mrs. J. D. Baughman returned home Saturday from Junction, whither she was called by the illness of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fenton’s child.

Hon. J. M. Smith left last Saturday for Baton Rouge to resume his duties as register of the State Land office. Mr. Smith intends to move his family to the capital city sometime this fall.

National Colored Baptist Association, Richmond Va., Sept 20. The St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad will sell tickets at one fare for round trip. On sale Sept. 10th to 21. Good until Sept 22. For particulars write: H. D. Apoar, Agent, Monroe, La.

Both the little children of Mr. and Mrs. Harrell, of Shiloh, died quite suddenly last Sunday. One of them expired about 10 o’clock in the morning and the other about six hours thereafter. The Gazette extends sympathy to the grief stricken parents.

The man whose only political principle is to draw a public salary is no help to any party, because he is always for sale.

Deputy Sheriff’s J. W. Taylor and Oscar Baughman left Saturday morning with five penitentiary birds, to-wit: Paxton and Vaden Phillips, both white; Asa Cleveland, Columbus Jackson and Tom Rollins, negroes.

The St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad will sell tickets at reduced rates for round trip. These rates open to the public. For particulars write to H. D. Apgar, Agent, Monroe, La.

The Gazette is requested to announce that Prof. Hester, of Downsville, will lecture at Ward’s Chapel, Friday, Sept. 7, at 11 o’clock a.m.; at Lind Grove at 4 0’clock p. m. same day; at Marion, Monday, Sept 10, at 10 o’clock a. m.

We are requested to announce that Rev. H. R. Singleton, of Ruston, will lecture at the court house in Farmerville next Saturday evening at 8 o’clock. Subject: “Scattering sunshine.” He will preach at the Methodist church Sunday morning and evening.

Mr. W. N. McFarland, an erstwhile citizen of Farmerville, but, who for the past several years has held the position of warrant clerk in the auditor’s office, has accepted a position in the state treasurer’s office.

Attention Litigants I take this method of informing my friends that I will be present at the sessions of the district court in Farmerville, and would be glad to attend to any business you may have before the courts. Respectfully, C. B. Roberts, Attorney of Law.


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