From Farmerville

The Gazette
September 19, 1900

To Delinquents

About October 1st I will send statements to parties indebted to me for subscriptions to The Gazette, also on running accounts and notes. Several persons have been getting The Gazette for years without paying for it. Unless they settle up this fall, the paper will be stopped. If you don’t want to get a “dun” please pay what you owe me by October 1.    J. G. Trimble

Miss Sallie Chandler closed her school at Mt. Tabor last week.

Jury and witness claims cashed at The Gazette office.

Mr. John Maxey was very sick last week with fever, but he is now much better.

Cane mills and evaporating pans.  MONROE HARDWARE CO. (LTD).

Teacher’s examinations on the first Friday and Saturday in October. Read ad in another column.

FOR SALE 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.    J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. J. R. Bransford, of D’Arbonne, has gone to Baton Rouge on business.

Mr. Geo. Powell, representing a Chicago piano firm, is in town today.

Mr. Jas. H. Edwards, of Gibsland, spent a few days of this week in Union Parish with relatives and friends.

The backbone of the hot spell was broken Sunday night and now we are having quite pleasant weather.

This is the season of the year to get your gin machinery in repair. Best sort of babbit metal at The Gazette office. Lowest prices.

Mr. Ernest Ramsey left Monday morning for Baton Rouge to enter the Louisiana State University.

Mrssrs. A. C. Gill and H. H. Van Hook left this week for St Louis, to purchase stock for this market.

If you contemplate buying a piano, iron safe or any sort of machinery, apply at The Gazette office. Can save you money.

Mr. R. E. Rowland, of Lapile, Ark., spent a few days of last week in Union Parish with relatives and friends.

A new lot of ledgers, record books and different kinds of stationery just received at The Gazette office.

Mr. Joe Williams, one of the oldest citizens of the second ward, died last Friday of general debility.

Mr. J. D. Baughman and family spent a few days of last week in Junction City. They returned home Friday evening.

Wagons! Wagons!! Wagons!!! We have on hand a large stock of the celebrated HICKMAN wagons.  MONROE HARDWARE CO. (LT’D).

We are glad to see Mr. M. W. Wilson, of Holmesville, able to be on our streets Monday. He has lately recovered from a severe attack of swamp fever and congestion.

There was a good attendance at the annual session of the Concord Baptist Association, which was held last week in Downsville; and an interesting and pleasant meeting was held. The former officers were re-elected, as follows: J. C. Jones, moderator, T. J. Ford, clerk and R. J. Tabor, treasurer.

Holiday Notice. On account of holidays our places of business will be closed Monday, Sept. 24, and Wednesday Oct. 3, 1900. HAAS MER. CO., LT’d.  G. HARTMAN  R. HAAS, M’g’r.   D. STEIN

Mrs. H. L. Jameson and Miss Belle Trimble went over to Ruston Tuesday for a visit.

In publishing the police jury proceedings last week an error was made in the matter of salaries of justices of the peace. Their salary, as fixed by the police jury, for criminal work is $15 per annun instead of $25. The annual salary of constables is $25.

Mr. John D. Rogers, Jr., died last Thursday at his home in the second ward. At the April election he was elected justice of the peace of that ward. Mr. Rogers leaves a young wife, having married her about the first of this month.

One of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hick’s little boys died after a brief illness with congestion last Wednesday. The child’s remains were interred in the Taylor cemetery, six miles northeast of Farmerville.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Emma Lucelia McElroy, of Dunlap, Iowa, to Mr. Robert C. Dozier, of Omaha, Neb., on Sept 26, 1900, at the residence of the bride’s parents in the former city. The groom was formerly a resident of Union Parish, and he has many friends here who wish him the happiest sailing on the matrimonial sea.

Our community was shocked Friday to learn of the sudden death of Miss Cecil Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Moore, of Bernice. Miss Cecil was an unusually bright and popular young lady, who will be greatly missed by her friends. The Gazette extends sincere condolence to the grief-stricken family.


At the residence of the Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Thornton, near Farmerville, Monday, September 17, 1900, Mr. Thadeus Griffin to Miss Virginia Thorton, Eld. Henry Archer officiating.

At the residence of Mr. E. D. Britton, near Shiloh, La., on Sunday, Sept. 16, 1900, Mr. J. W. Sutton to Miss Rilla Britton, D. K. McLaurin, Esq., officiating.


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