The Ouachita Telegraph
November 3, 1888

Sunday morning news reached town to the effect that Mr. Luther Hayes, a white
man about 35 years of age, was shot and killed at Marion last Saturday evening
by a negro named Nathan Broadnax. The particulars of this deplorable affair as
we learn them are these: It seems the negro, owed Mr. Luther Hayes the sum of
$10, and the latter demanded a settlement. This brought about a dispute, during
which the negro became very insulting and finally picked up a plank to strike Mr.
Hayes; but at this juncture another negro stepped forward and snatched the board
from the hands of the assailant, whereupon the latter ran to the rear of Mr. Roark’s
store and seizing a shot gun loaded with squirrel shot discharged the contents into
Mr. Hayes’ side from a distance of about 20 feet. After living about six hours the
wounded man expired.

The deed was committed under the eye of a number of persons who started out in
pursuit of the murderer, but he made his escape. He is about 5 feet 7 inches high,
weighs about 150 pounds, has long white teeth in front, is black and about 20 years
old. He is still being pursued and we hope that the posse will be successful in
effecting his capture.

The deceased leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss.

In addition to the above, Mr. W.F. Millsaps who returned home from Farmerville
Thursday, says there is considerable excitement in the parish and that further trouble
is apprehended. On Monday a party of men who had gone in pursuit of the murderer
captured a negro who was implicated in the murder in some way and hung him, afterwards riddling his body with bullets. A posse is still in pursuit of the principal murderer, he having so far eluded them. Deputy Sheriff McGuire received a telegram Thursday, asking him to send assistance to the posse on the Island, it having been thought that the murderer had made his way to this parish. Two deputies were sent but they returned Thursday evening, having failed to meet the posse or gain any clue as to the whereabouts of the murderer. Mr. Millsaps informed the Telegraph that there was a colony of some 300 negroes near Marion who are in the habit of giving much trouble and the opinion prevails that several of their leaders will be killed before the excitement abates. The rumor on the streets here that a deputy sheriff had been killed in attempting to arrest the murderer seem to be without foundation.

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