Junction City, Ruston, and Farmerville Telephone Line

The Gazette
October 10, 1900

Mr. W. D. Eskew, of Junction City, was in Farmerville a few days ago, to look into the feasibility of building a telephone line from Farmerville to Bernice. He already has a line from Junction to Bernice, and is extending it south to Ruston. When the line is finished people in Farmerville, Ruston, Bernice and Junction City can converse with each other for 25 cents. The exchange at Junction will also connect with the long distance phone, thus giving us direct communication with Camden, Little Rock, St. Louis, and other points.

In order to raise ready money to assist in the construction of the line, Mr. Eskew will sell coupon books, good for use to any point of his line at 20 per cent discount. In other words, you can get a $5 coupon book, good for 20 five minute talks to any of the above points, for $4, and a $2.50 book for $2.

A limited number of these books are for sale at The Gazette office, where parties can get them. If this line is not built, the money will be refunded. The telephone line contemplated by Mr. Eskew will be of great benefit to our people, and they should encourage the enterprise by buying the coupon books.


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