From Farmerville

The Gazette
October 17, 1900

Have your “pretty struck” while Davis, the photographer, is here.

Mr. Don McLeod, of Ruston, was on our streets this morning.

Best babbitt metal at this office. The best is the cheapest.

Cotton took several tumbles last week. Tuesday it was selling for 8 3/4 in Monroe.

Take your cotton seed to John Ballard, agent Union Oil Mill, and get cash for same.

Telephone poles are being gotten out for the new telephone line from Farmerville to Bernice.

Wanted — At once 10,000 heart shingles. Make best prices.  J. G. TRIMBLE

Mr. Broadwell, of Lincoln Parish, is visiting his brother-in-law, F. F. Preaus, Esq., of our town.

FOR SALE – 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. A. J. Johnson, formerly a resident of Union Parish, was in Farmerville Saturday.

Messrs. Bridges and Myers, two popular commercial evangelists, were interviewing our merchants Monday.

J. D. Baughman will receive next week a large line of nice clothing, umbrellas, neck wear, etc. Don’t buy until his goods arrive.

A horse trading convention will be held at Oakland, La., on Saturday, Oct. 27th. Dinner will be served on the grounds.

We are glad to state that the town council of Farmerville have arranged to have the streets put in repair. They certainly need it.

To arrive next week – A full line of nice clothing, latest styles and patterns, at J. D. Baughman’s.

Hon. J. M. Smith, register of the State land office at Baton Rouge, is mingling with his Union Parish friends. He will remain up here until after the fair.

Remember that J. G. Davis will be in Farmerville for ten days beginning with the 20th inst., prepared to do all kinds of work in the photographer’s line.

Messrs. Jule W. Parks and J. W. Loper gave The Gazette orders for job work this week. They know where to get good stationery.

The close of the fair will be celebrated next Wednesday evening with a grand ball at the K. of P. hall. Arrangements are being made to get a band from Monroe to furnish music for the occasion.

CHARTER OAK STOVES.  The perfection of cooking stoves at low prices. SOUTHERN HARDWARE CO., LTD.,  Monroe, La.

A private letter from Prof. Mason, principal of the Junction City High School, informs us that the school for the first month of this session was the best in its history.

500 Tons Cotton Seed Wanted.  Will pay 15 cents per bushel delivered at Farmerville landing or exchange meal for seed.  JOHN BALLARD, Agent Union Oil Mill.  **** (There may have been a number in front of the 500)

There were only three applicants for teacher’s certificates before the examining board last week. Prof. A. S. Humphrey’s secured a first grade certificate and the other two failed to pass.

Mr. J. G. Davis, the popular photographer and artist of Ruston, will make photographs at his old stand in Farmerville from Oct. 20 to Nov. 1. He will make pennies while here 24 for 25 cents.

The Gazette was in error last week in stating that J. W. Nicklas had instituted an attachment suit against the Kinard Mill Co. It was an ordinary suit on open account.

Under the state constitution of 1898 all persons under 60 years of age must pay a poll tax of $100 prior to January 1st, of each year, or they will be denied the right to vote. Bear this in mind, ye voter.

CANE MILLS AND EVAPORATORS. For sale at factory prices. SOUTHERN HARDWARE CO., LTD., Monroe, La.

Judge Allen Barksdale, J. D. Barsdale, Esq., S. D. Pearce, Esq., C. B. Roberts, Esq., of Ruston and Judge W. R. Roberts, of Bernice, are the visiting attorneys at the present session of court.

Our friends will please bear in mind that obituaries, memorial notices, etc., are published at rate of 5 cents per line. When sending in such matter, the writer should state who is to pay for it. Death notices not exceeding five lines free.

Parties having claims against the United States government for cotton taken during the late civil war will find it to their interest to communicate at once with H. W. Spear, 303 Cora Building, New Orleans, La.

Stock For Sale. Mr. J. M. Smith has a number of fine jacks, jennets, mares and colts, which he will sell cheap for cash or approved paper. He will be in Farmerville about two weeks longer, during which time parties wishing to purchase stock can see him here.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stancil and Mrs. C. D. Covington and Miss Mand Goyne went to Monroe Monday.

The minutes of the Concord Baptist Association are ready for distribution at The Gazette office. Representatives of the various churches will please send for them.


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