Union Parish Fair

The Gazette
October 17, 1900

Next Tuesday and Wednesday are the days for the Union Parish Fair of 1900. Extensive preparations have been made for the occasion, a large crowd looked for and a general good time is expected. A farmers institute, under the supervision of Maj. J. G. Lee, state commissioner of agriculture and immigration, will be held in connection with the fair. The committee wants agricultural, art, ladies fancy work and poultry exhibits to be on exhibition Tuesday to remain through Wednesday. Stock is expected for Wednesday only.

The following judges of exhibits have been selected:

Poultry and agriculture — E. T. Sellers, T. A. Heard and J. W. Loper.

Ladies fancy work, art and culinary products — Mesdames M. J. Pearson, J. R. Bransford and H. B. Thomason.

Prettiest young lady, old maid and girl — J. W. Taylor, Joe Ramsey and Jule Parks.

Ugliest young man — Misses Belle Trimble, Myra Gill and Meda Rowland.

Horses and mules — W. L. Foster, Chas. Schuler and J. A. Brewer.

Cattle and hogs — J. F. Ramsey, Wm. A. Kirkpatrick and L. Pardue.

Decorations — Ed. Everett, J. W. Taylor, Misses Celie Arent, Reita Hartman, Annie Pleasant and Belle Trimble.

Arrangements — C. H. Murphy, T. C. Atkinson and S. C. Selig.

J. B. Covington will have general management of the stock department.

J. H. Anderson will deliver the address of welcome, to which J. G. Lee will respond.

The Farmerville brass band is requested to furnish music for the occasion.

Maj. J. G. Lee and other distinguished speakers will deliver addresses on the occasion, and a basket dinner will be served on the grounds.

The following additional premiums has been offered:

For the oldest man present, 1 hat by Haas Mercantile Co.

For the oldest lady present, 1 pair of shoes by Haas Mercantile Co.

For best saddle mule not over five years of age, 3 bushels corn by W. I. Taylor.

For best grade hog, 1 Poland China pig by W. J. Roan.

For second best Berkshire pigs under 1 year old  — 2 bushels of corn by E. J. Lee.

For the best pair home-raised driving mares — 5 bushels of corn by Willie Crider.

For best common milch cow — 1 hat by R. Haas, agt.

For ugliest young man a bath tub by the Association.


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