From Farmerville

The Gazette
October 24, 1900

If you want to vote be sure to pay your poll tax by Dec. 31.

Sunday’s rain and wind damaged cotton in the field considerably.

Take your cotton seed to John Ballard, agent Union Oil Mill.

Read the notice to Tax Payers by Tax Collector Murphy and act accordingly.

Have your “pretty struck” while Davis, the photographer, is here.

Maj. John Donley has been on the sick list for the past week.

Messrs. G. Hartman and R. Haas went to Monroe Sunday on business

Get your nuts, candies, canned goods, etc., from W. J. Atkinson. He has a nice fresh lot.

Attorney F. M. Odom was in Farmerville Friday, interviewing our people concerning the senatorial squabble in the 25th district.

All kinds of fresh fancy groceries, fruits, candies and produce at W. J. Atkinson’s.

This section was visited by a heavy rain Sunday afternoon, the first general and soaking rainfall in some time.

FOR SALE – 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

In accordance with his announcement Mr. J. G. Davis was at his old stand in Farmerville Saturday taking photos.

WANTED — At once 10,000 heart shingles. Make best prices.  J. G. TRIMBLE.

Mr. Organ Tatum is visiting his old friends in Union Parish. he is now a resident of Fort Worth, Tex.

J. D. Baughman has received a large line of nice clothing, umbrellas, neck wear, etc. Don’t buy until you see his goods.

Mr. A. A. Cann, of Ruston, came to Farmerville Saturday evening to spend a few days with relatives and friends.

JUST ARRIVED — A full line of nice clothing, latest styles and patterns, at J. D. BAUGHMAN’S.

Mr. Howard Higgins, nephew of Clerk of Court Everett, has come to Farmerville to enter our school.

Remember that J. G. Davis will be in Farmerville for ten days beginning with the 20th inst., prepared to do all kinds of work in the photographer’s line.

We are requested to announce that the Masons will hold funeral services at the grave of their deceased brother W. H. Hearn in the Farmerville cemetery next Tuesday. All Master Masons are requested to be present.

CHARTER OAK STOVES.  The perfection of cooking stoves at low prices.  SOUTHERN HARDWARE CO., LTD.  Monroe, La.

Mrs. Frank Harrell died at her home in Ouachita ward on the 15th inst., of heart failure. She was 24 years of age. Also the infant of Jasper Harrell died Friday night.

500 TONS COTTON SEED WANTED.  Will pay 15 cents per bushel delivered at Farmerville landing or exchange meal for seed.  JOHN BALLARD, Agent Union Oil Mill.

On behalf of a client Judge Roberts applied to Judge Dawkins last week for a writ of mandamus to compel the mayor of Junction City to issue whiskey license. Judge Dawkins denied the issuance of this writ.

Final Warning. All parties who fail to pay their street tax by November 1st, I will collect same by law.  J. K. ATKINSON, Town Marshal.

Parties having claims against the United States government for cotton taken during the late civil war will find it to their interest to communicate at once with H. W. Spear, 303 Cora Building, New Orleans, La.

Mr. J. G. Davis, the popular photographer and artist of Ruston, will make photographs at his old stand in Farmerville from Oct. 20 to Nov. 1. He will make pennies while here 24 for 25 cents.

It is a clean steal for the administration to make the people pay the salaries of government employees while they go home to vote, but it is to be done.

CANE MILLS AND EVAPORATORS. For sale at factory prices. SOUTHERN HARDWARE CO., LTD., Monroe, La.

Mr. Wm. H. Hearn, an old-time citizen of Union Parish, died Saturday at his home near town. His remains were interred in the Farmerville cemetery Sunday. Mr. Hearn had been in feeble health for some time. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his loss.

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