Notes from Downsville

The Gazette
October 24, 1900

On account of delay in completing our new building the Downsville High school did not open until Monday, Oct. 8th. In the meantime a literary entertainment was prepared.

The program was as follows: Music, Sena Moseley; recitation, Claudia Pardue; dialogue, Mable Maneuvre; music, Nettie Pardue; recitation, Julia Staples; tebrau, Reapers and the Flowers; dialogue, Rubber Boots; music, Lydia Staples, tableau, Ceres and the Seasons; music, Miss Vaughan. Last and best part of program was the lecture, by Prof. O. B. Staples, entitled, “Our Bodies.” The aim of this lecture was to show the people that an education is not only in learning to read, write and work sums, but to know more of nature and man; no person is at all educated until he knows something of his body and how to care for it intelligently.

The next features of the program were serving ice cream and cake, and voting for the prize cakes; one to be awarded to the most popular young man present and the other to the prettiest young lady.

Messrs. Wilbur Hamilton and Jack Mosely having received the same number of votes, 376 each, were awarded the first cake. The second cake was awarded to Miss Ora Edwards.

The amount of money received on this occasion was $32.25 for admission fees, $12.40 for ice cream, $52.25 for prize cakes.

The purpose of this entertainment was to get money to furnish the new building. As this one was so successful and every one so well pleased with it we are going to have another in the future, that we may obtain money to finish furnishing the new building.

We now have a very good school. The number on roll is something above 80, and will be better soon, as we are expecting more boarders and local pupils in a few weeks.

Metie Pardue

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