Lost Both Feet

Ouachita Telegraph
February 9, 1877

The Union Parish Record thus recites the hard fate of an alleged murderer confined
in jail in that parish:

“The prisoner, Ira D. Lattineer, confined here under a charge of murder committed in Texarkana, Texas, is now in an unfortunate condition. At the time of his arrest his feet were so badly frost-bitten as to render locomotion exceedingly painful and difficult.
Since then they have become much worse, and on Sunday last his physicians were forced to amputate both his feet in order to save his life. Mr. Lattineer seems to be a genteel young man, and, we are informed, is respectably connected in Texas. He is about twenty-four years of age and has a wife residing near Texarkana. Owing to his deplorable condition, he has been removed to the residence of Mr. A. J. Mashaw, where he receives all necessary attention.

“Truly ‘the way of the transgressor is hard.’ “

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