From Farmerville

The Gazette
October 31, 1900

If you want to vote be sure to pay your poll tax by Dec. 31.

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Davis returned to Ruston Tuesday.

Ask for Helen Hunt at W. J. Atkinson’s.

Remember that next Tuesday is the day for the election.

Sheriff C. H. Murphy returned from Shreveport Monday afternoon.

FOR SALE – 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Roleigh, of Monroe, spent a few days of this week in Farmerville.

WANTED — At once 10,000 heart shingles.  Make best prices. J. G. TRIMBLE.

Mr. Fryar, the popular tombstone agent, spent Saturday and Sunday in our town.

All kinds of fresh fancy groceries, fruits, candies and produce at W. J. Atkinson’s.

Mr. Jake M. Gibson has accepted a position in the grocery store of C. R. Davis at West Monroe.

Mr. O. Baughman, the popular steamboatman, returned from Monroe last Saturday.

Get your nuts, candies canned goods, etc., from W. J. Atkinson. He has a nice fresh lot.

Miss Bell Trimble left Thursday for a visit in Ruston and Portland.

Messrs. J. P. Fenton and D. E. Laupheimer went to Monroe Monday.

Yes, sir, I have them for sale — Studebaker, James & Graham, and Hickman wagons.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

The big suit of King vs. King has called to town quite a number of citizens of the 10th ward as witnesses.

The Gazette returns thanks to Mrs. R. Hartman for a lot of nice pecans that were raised at her home.

J. D. Baughman has received a large line of nice clothing, umbrellas, neck wear, etc. Don’t buy until you see his goods.

Mr. W. B. Stuckey, of Morehouse Parish, was in Farmerville last Wednesday in the interest of his senatorial candidacy.

Many farmers have finished cotton picking. There will be practically none of the staple in the fields of Union Parish by Nov. 15.

Mr. Feazel, representing Thompson, Ritchie & Co., of Ruston, is in Farmerville this morning talking groceries to our people.

JUST ARRIVED — A full line of nice clothing, latest styles and patterns, at J. G. BAUGHMAN’S.

FOUND – On the streets of Farmerville an ordinary door lock key. Owner can get same by calling at this office and paying for this ad.

The eleven year old son of Mrs. L. C. Langston, of Holmesville vicinity died on the 23rd inst. and was buried Thursday in the Farmerville cemetery.

STOP THE COUGH AND WORKS  OFF THE COLD.  Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

Mr. John R. Jordan say that Mr. Sam Beasley of Ouachita City vicinity, died Thursday of swamp fever. He was about 18 years of age. Also that Mrs. Jasper Harrell died last week.

500 TONS COTTON SEED WANTED.  Will pay 15 cents per bushel delivered at Farmerville landing or exchange meal for seed.  JOHN BALLARD, Agent Union Oil Mill.

The postal authorities should see that the mail hack at Choudrant awaits the arrival of the 10 o’clock west-bound cannon ball. By that means we could get mail from both the east and the west the day it reaches Choudrant.

The free ferry system in Union has not worked satisfactorily this year, and the police jury will lease the ferries for another year.

FOR SALE. At my residence, 8 miles north of Farmerville, on November 16, 1900, I will sell to the highest bidder  my household furnitures, cattle, hogs and a set of blacksmith tools. 3w.  J. T. Tarkington.

The social circle in Farmerville was livened up the past few days with a dance Tuesday evening of last week at Mrs. Levi’s residence, a ball the next evening at the K. of P. hall and a card party Monday evening at Mr. Hartman’s residence.

On account of sickness I was compelled to go  home. All work taken here will be finished and returned. Will be back in Farmerville in the near future to do any work in my line. Will notify my friends of the time I will come, through The Gazette.  J. G. Davis.

Messrs. Wm. B. Ramsey and G. E. Braswell were in Farmerville Wednesday to take in the fair, and incidentally to present the merits of the piano that was on exhibition by the Ramsey Installment Co. Their instrument was highly endorsed by the committee appointed to pass upon it, as will be seen by the card in the fair proceedings.

LOST — During the fair a gold enameled pin, with “Selig” inscribed on one side and “Ward’s Seminary, 1900” on the other. Finder will please deliver to Miss Maude Selig.

It can be stated upon reliable authority that Capt. L.. Brunner has at last arranged to purchase the steamer Fred A. Blanks for use in the Ouachita trade. The Blanks was built by Capt. Brunner on the hull of the streamer Ouachita which burned at Vicksburg two years ago, but after being completed she was sold under attachment. The Fred A. Blanks is now at Padukah, but will be brought south within a few weeks to take her place in this river. She is a fine, new steamboat and Capt. Brunner is to be congratulated upon securing her. — Monroe News.

On Saturday, Nov. 18th, Eld. A. J. Callaway will preach the funeral sermon of Mrs. Lena Dumas, deceased, at Shady Grove church. She died on the 22nd inst. at Calhoun.

FINAL WARNING. All parties who fail to pay their street tax by November 1st, I will collect same by law.  J. K. ATKINSON, Town Marshal.

The fast train service on the V. S. & P. railroad must have been the cause of getting mail matters rather mixed the first two days of this week. Sunday and Monday Farmerville received only a small portion of her mail matter.

Eld. Mr. Hughes preached at the Farmerville church Saturday and Sunday. In the future he will fill the pulpit here on the 1st and 3rd Sundays in each month. Mr. Hughes will soon move his family to Farmerville.

The double daily trains on the V. S. & P. railroad went into effect Sunday. Under the new schedule the west bound cannon ball will reach Monroe at 9:50 a. m. and the east bound at 6:05 p. m. The local going east will reach Monroe at 9:46 a. m.; west at 7:16 p. m. The fast train will make only five stops between Shreveport and Delta, and will carry an elegant dining car.


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