Clark – Carroll Marriage

The  Gazette
December 12, 1900

One of the prettiest weddings of the season was that of Mr. W. E. Clark and Miss Summie Carroll, which occurred Nov. 28, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Carroll, at Spearsville, La. Promptly at 7 o’clock the bridal party marched into the parlor, to the familiar wedding march of Mendelssohn, which was beautifully rendered by the talented Miss Nora Goyne of Junction City, Ark. Dr. G. R. Carroll and Miss Gracy Sample, Mr. Carey Clark and Miss Nora Carroll, followed by the groom and bride, took their stand in front of Rev. J. B. Waldrop, and in a most impressive manner the young couple were pronounced man and wife.

During the ceremony Miss Goyne with deft fingers played “My First Love.”

The parlor was beautifully and artistically decorated in white chrysanthemums. The attendants were attired in old, rose silk, and carried bouquets of white flowers.

The bride wore a gorgeous dress of white silk, veil of silk looped with orange blossoms.

As we gazed upon them we felt that we had never seen a more lovely trio of girls or more manly group of men.

Immediately after the ceremony the guests were ushered into the dining room, where a most beautiful feast awaited them. Everything that was dainty, substantial and refreshing was served. Each guest could but know that they had been royally entertained by one of the most hospitable families in the state.

The bride was the recipient of many beautiful presents.

The bridal party left the next morning for Oakland, the home of the groom, carrying with them the kind wishes of all.

As we saw the vehicles disappear in the distance, we could but think “who can separate hearts that have united, or divide waters that have met, and mingled into one.”

M. C. M.


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