From Farmerville

The Gazette
December 26, 1900

Auction Sales. Having decided to move I will offer for sale at public auction on Tuesday, January 1, 1900, at my residence near Marion, all my personal property, consisting of mules, wagon, corn, cotton seed, cattle, hogs, household and kitchen furniture.  W. J. Sinclair

Mr. John J. Price visited Monroe Saturday on business.

Go to M. Guehring’s for your fruits, nuts, candies, etc.

Sheriff C. H. Murphy went to El Dorado to-day on a brief visit.

Considerable “booze” was in evidence in town Monday.

Celebrated Elysian perfumes and toilet articles for sale by W. J. Atkinson.

Mr. J. S. Gully, of Morehouse Parish, is spending Christmas with friends in Union.

J. N. Hicks at D’Arbonne, La., will pay the highest market price, cash or trade, for your cotton.

Messrs. J. D. Baughman and C. T. Simmons left this morning for St. Louis to buy mules.

M. Guehring has a large assortment of fire works with which to make “Young America Happy.”

Business was fine in Farmerville Saturday and Monday. Our merchants had all they could do.

M. Guehring is still on deck with a choice lot of fancy groceries for the holiday season. Give him a call.

JUST ARRIVED — A full line of nice clothing, latest styles and patterns, at J. D. Baughman’s.

Remember that W. J. Turnage handles the celebrated Hamilton & Brown shoes. He has a full line on hand.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Odom of Bardwell, Texas, are spending the holidays with relatives in Union Parish.

Bibles and Testaments for sale at The Gazette office — 10 cents to $5. They will make nice Christmas presents.

Bring me your seed and get the cash for them.  John Ballard, Agent Union Oil Co.

Misses Lillie Dawkins and Edna Andrews are visiting relatives in Farmerville. They are guests of Judge R. B. Dawkins and family.

Mr. Sam Maroney and wife, Messrs. Tom Puckett and Gus Pace, of Swartz, are visiting friends in Union Parish.

J. D. Baughman has received a large line of nice clothing, umbrellas, neck wear, etc. Don’t by until you see his goods.

We were pleased to meet on the streets Monday, Mr. B. F. O(?) of McGee, L(?)T. He says times are prosperous in his section.

Two per cent interest per month will be charged on all unpaid taxes after Dec. 31st, according to law.  C. H. MURPHY, Tax Collector.

Miss Jessie Manning and Mr. Crawford Manning students at the Ruston Industrial Institute, came home Friday to spend the holidays.

Mr. S. C. Trimble and daughter of Hillsboro, Texas, are visiting friends and relatives in Farmerville.

Miss Lucy Denson, Farmerville’s popular music teacher, and Mrs. Hoyle of Oakland left Saturday to spend the holidays with relatives in Warren, Ark.

Mr. J. A. Manning and family will leave to-morrow for Ruston, which place they will make their future home. Thus Farmerville loses another prominent family and one that has taken a leading part in social and religious movements.

To Stock Buyers. I will have for sale in Farmerville Saturday, January 5, 1901, two car loads of Missouri mules, family broke mares and horses which I will sell as low as the lowest. This stock will be selected by me in person. Wait and see them before purchasing.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

We learn that while a negro was quietly driving along the public highway Sunday, a white man who chanced to meet him in the road snatched the darkey’s hat and without any apparent cause deliberately cut it to pieces. Such as act is born only of a mean and depraved spirit; and the offender should be given adequate punishment to deter him from a repetition thereof.

Monday morning Rev. H. B. Thomason left for his new field of labor at Many, La. Mr. Thomason has been pastor of the Farmerville circuit for the past two years, and during his stay here he and his family have made many strong friends. He is an upright citizen, a close student, and a zealous worker in the “vineyard of the Lord.” We commend him to the good people of Many.

Minutes of Everett Association are ready for distribution. Members of the various churches are requested to call at The Gazette office for them.

I am still paying the highest cash price for cotton seed delivered at Farmerville landing.  JOHN BALLARD, Agent, Union Oil Co.

Bishop Galloway of the Louisiana Methodist conference has appointed Rev. B. Wright as pastor of the Farmerville circuit for the coming year. Rev. H. B. Thomason goes to Many, Rev. P. O. Lowery to Bastrop, Rev. C. F. Staples to Zwolle, Rev. W. J. Porter to Ponchatoola. Rev. A. J. Notestine has been appointed presiding elder of the Arcadia circuit.

Last Friday evening a large and appreciative audience gathered at the court house to witness the literary and musical program rendered by the students of the Farmerville high school. The evening’s entertainment consisted of vocal and instrumental music, dialogues and recitations, closing with a comic play. The pupils of the music class, under the splendid training of Miss Deason, showing especial advancement in this line. In fact, all the participants rendered their respective parts in an most admirable manner, and the audience was well pleased with the evening’s exercises.

A Familiar Calendar. The 1901 edition of the Columbia desk calendar is being distributed by the American Bicycle Co., Columbia Sales Department, Hartford, Conn. It will be sent to any address upon receipt of five 2-cent stamps. This unique and useful compilation has been issued annually for the last sixteen years and it has come to be regarded as an indispensable article in many business offices and homes.

Stray Horse. There came to my place, six miles north of Farmerville, about December 6, 1900, an old black mare, medium size, branded “F. H.” on left shoulder, gray spot on forehead. Owner can get same by paying charges, but if not called for in thirty days she will be sold to pay costs.

Last Call. Several parties who owe me have neither paid their indebtedness nor made any effort to arrange it. Crops are good this year and prices are much better than heretofore, so there is no excuse for anyone not at least paying something on back obligations. My matters must be settled up this year. After December 31 those who do not heed this warning may find themselves in the middle of a law suit. Pay up and avoid this expense.  J. G. Trimble.


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