DNA and Genealogy

DNA is not going to fill in your tree. It will tell you who your relatives are. That is if they take the test also. You will have to do more than a little work to connect them to your tree. If you have a tree like mind that can be a chore. Both of my parents families were from Union Parish. I never know where to start. However, DNA can be a very helpful tool. It can put you on the right path and let you know you are on a wrong path. I am very glad I took the test and really wish I could get some of my other relatives to take it.

If you do take the test, I also recommend you upload your results to Gedmatch.com. There you can compare your results with others. This is a good tool to eliminate matches and compare with others. This can be very difficult to understand. To be honest, I do not understand it at all. However, there is a lady on there who does. She believes that her ancestor is the sister of my 3 great grandfather. This grandfather is a mystery man and no one knows who his parents are. So, if she connects them we are one more step down the road. DNA is not a game you can play alone. You need friends and help. On the other hand it is so great when you have a breakthough.

Below is some of the most popular tests. Most are on sell now for Christmas. This is a good time for prices and for gifts.



Now on Sale for $69


23andMe DNA Test


23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry

23andMe DNA Test – Health + Ancestry



My Heritage DNA.jpg



There are several more tests that I don’t know anything about. Here is the page that shows all of them.



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