From Farmerville

The Gazette
January 9, 1901

Clerk of court Edward Everett visited Bernice Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Haas visited Bernice Sunday.

Mr. Carl Futch is quite sick at his residence near Farmerville.

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Covington went to Ruston Sunday.

The commercial evangelists were represented in our town Tuesday by Messrs. Allen, Funk and Price.

We are glad to state that Mrs. Rabun and Mr. M. W. Rabun are much better this week.

J. N. Hicks at D’Arbonne, La., will pay the highest market price, cash or trade, for your cotton.

Mr. Fowler has moved his family grocery to the building east of the post office.

Celebrated Elysian perfumes and toilet articles for sale by W. J. Atkinson.

Mr. Rudolph Haas went to Ruston the first of the present week on business.

The Eastern Star Lodge will hold a meeting Friday evening at the Masonic Hall in Farmerville.

Mr. J. H. Green, of Cherry Ridge vicinity, has entered Baylor College at Waco, Tex.

Middling cotton was quoted at nine and eleven sixteenths in New Orleans Monday.

Mr. John Farrar, of Marion neighborhood, died last week of heart failure. He was about 70 years of age.

Mr. W. D. Eskew, of Junction City, was in Farmerville Tuesday, looking after his telephone interests.

JUST ARRIVED — A full line of nice clothing, latest styles and patterns, at J. D. Baughman’s.

Deputy Sheriff J. W. Taylor and Mr. J. M. Underwood went to New Orleans this week on business.

Bibles and Testaments for sale at The Gazette office  – 10 cents to $5. They will make nice Christmas presents.

Mrs. T. J. Breed spent a few days of last week with friends in Shiloh. She returned home Sunday, accompanied by Mr. Breed.

Remember that W. J. Turnage handles the celebrated Hamilton & Brown shoe. He has a full line on hand.

We regret to learn that Mrs. Sellers, mother of Representative E. T. Sellers, of Walnut Lane died last Saturday.

STOPS the Cough and Works off the Cold. Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

Mr. Duke Selig went to Monroe Friday on business. He has moved his livery outfit to the Stein stable corner of Main and Water streets.

Postmaster I. Shuster has been on the sick list since his return home several weeks ago; and we regret to report that his condition shows no improvement.

Mr. S. C. Selig and family moved into the Methodist parsonage on Academy street Monday, which residence they have rented for the present year.

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Cromwell, of Bernice, are the happy possessors of a little daughter. The young miss put in her appearance Thursday.

The Planter’s Hotel at Monroe has fitted up a nice lunch counter in the rear of their saloon, where a good meal is served for only 25 cents. Everything is prepared in first-class style and if you want a good meal at a low price, try the Planter’s lunch counter.

In conformity with the wishes of the people, as expressed at the ballot box, last week Gov. Heard appointed Mr. J. M. Underwood, Jr., to the position of assessor of Union Parish. The Governor appointed assessors for all the other parishes in Louisiana, except five. Morehouse Parish is among those in which the appointee was not yet been named. Judge Ellis and Editor Todd are the prominent candidates for that place.

Stray Horse. I have taken up at my residence seven miles south of Spearsville a stray horse described as follows: Medium size bay pony horse, has white star in his forehead, four white feet, and foretop of mane is shingled. The animal came to my place about Dec. 19, 1900. Unless owner calls for same in 30 days and pays charges, the horse will be sold according to law.  G. A. Castleberry, Spearsville, La.

Pay Your License for 1901. Merchants, professional men and of the license tax debtors are here by notified that their licenses for this year fell due Jan. 2, 1901, and will be delinquent on March 1. Prompt payments are urged to avoid penalties and costs.  C. H. MURPHY, Tax Collector.

Stray Horse. There came to my place, six miles north of Farmerville, about December 6, 1900, an old black mare, medium size, branded “F. H.” on left shoulder, gray spot on forehead. Owner can get same by paying charges, but if not called for in thirty days she will be sold to pay costs.  Monroe Norris, Farmerville, La.


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