From Downsvile

The Gazette
January 16, 1901

The Downsville High School is increasing in numbers. We have nearly two hundred pupils enrolled to date.

Mr. Bennie Pardue’s mother-in-law, from Alabama, and his brother-in-law and family from Texas, are visiting him this week.

Messrs. Aubrey Hall and James Tidwell made us a flying visit on the 5th and 6th of January.

Mr. George Thompson is very ill with pneumonia, and his only daughter, Miss Jennie, who has been afflicted for quite a while, is still in a very bad condition. She is not rational at any time, and is perfectly paralyzed.

Brother Shepherd, the minister sent to this work, preached his first sermon Sunday, Jan. 13. The second Sunday in each month will be his regular day to preach here.

The program for the A. M. C. Society, Friday afternoon, Jan. 18, is as follows: Recitation, Ruth Mosely; paper, “How I Enjoyed Christmas,” Arthur Gilliland; recitation, Pearl Gaskins; “My Best Day During the Holidays,” Lena Mosely; “Description of the Christmas Tree,” Maud Albritton.

Debate. — “Resolved, that political spoils should belong to the victors.” Affirmative: Mr. Bagwell, Nettie Pardue, Ezra Hester. Negative: Mr. Harris, Julia Staples, Lamon Mills. We would be glad to have our friends visit our society. We think we are making rapid progress.

Corresponding Editor.


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