From Farmerville

The Gazette
January 16, 1901

The Mullins brothers, who shot and killed J. T. Bussell at Junction City a few weeks ago, were granted bail in the sum of $10,000 each for Bob, Walter and Will, and $1,000 for Jesse.

E. S. Woods, the absconding driver of the Wells Fargo Express Co., committed suicide in Vernon Parish Saturday morning. He embezzled about $1,500 of the express company’s funds.

Junction City was visited by a disastrous fire Saturday morning, the loss being over $30,000, with very little insurance. Thirteen buildings were destroyed, including the bank and post office. The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is thought to have begun in a restaurant.

Frank Naff, of Morehouse Parish, was shot and instantly killed Thursday by Jas. E. Powell. Naff was postmaster and he threatened to report Powell, a mail rider, for being late. Deceased was Populist candidate for state senator in our last state election.

Good milch cow with young calf for sale cheap. Apply at this office.

We are indebted to Congressman J. E. Ransdell for a lot of valued public documents.

Messrs. Jule W. Parks and J. C. Steele, of Ouachita vicinity, were in Farmerville Monday.

District court will convene next Monday in Farmerville. The grand jury will also meet at that time.

Remember that W. J. Turnage handles the celebrated Hamilton & Brown shoe. He has a full line on hand.

A trial is nothing but fair–and we want you to give us a trial on job work. We guarantee you will be pleased.

We are requested to announce that Eld. R. M. Boone will preach in the Baptist church in Farmerville next Saturday evening at 7 p.m.

STOPS the Cough and Works off the Cold. Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

We regret to learn that Miss Qumy Rush, of Holmesville vicinity, was thrown from a buggy in a runaway Monday, and seriously hurt.

JUST ARRIVED — A full line of nice clothing, latest styles and patterns, at J. D. Baughman’s.

After spending several weeks with relatives in Union Parish, Mrs. Harriet Elder and her son Allen left Friday, for their home at Moss Point, Miss. Mr. C. C. Dozier accompanied them as far as Ruston.

Messrs. H. F. and M. W. Wilson have received the engine and boiler for their new gasoline boat. They are now placing the machinery in position, and will soon have the boat ready for shipping trade.

Messrs. Henry Henderson and Jonas Selig, enterprising merchants, of Bernice, were in Farmerville Monday. They broke at once for the clerk’s office and we supposed they secured what they came for.

Dr. C. H. Jameson killed last week four hogs which weighed net 1888 pounds, averaging 472 pounds each. As long as Union Parish can raise such hogs, there is no earthly excuse for farmers here to rely upon the west for bacon.

The steamer “Rosa B,” Capt. Oscar Baughman in command, reached the Farmerville landing from Monroe Sunday night, with a fair freight. This is the first boat Farmerville has had this season. She left Monday with 250 bales of cotton, and is expected back again Thursday.

Mr. Henry Henderson, of Bernice, and Miss Eva White of Junction City, will be married today. Next Sunday Mr. Lucien E. Jarmon and Miss Lizzie Hester will also be joined in the holy bonds of wedlock. To both these young couples The Gazette extends in advance congratulations and best wishes.

Mr.  D. Phillips, of Oakland, was in our office Tuesday. Upon being asked concerning the news of his neighborhood, he pulled some papers from his pocket, carried next to his heart, and smilingly said: “Here’s the newest thing to me.” The papers authorized the marriage of Mr. D. Phillips and Miss Pearl Tanner. The ceremony will be solemnized next Sunday.

Last Thursday Mr. Laurence Cook resigned his position with The Gazette and went to Monroe to secure employment on a steamboat. Laurence has been connected with this paper for several years filling all the positions  up to foreman, and in every sphere he has given entire satisfaction. Strictly honest, faithful and energetic, we cheerfully recommend him to any person needing his services. His former position as foreman of The Gazette office is filled by Mr. C. C. Johnson, a practical and experienced printer from Vicksburg.

A negro on Island DeSiard, in Ouachita parish, named Moses Goosely, was shot and killed Sunday by Tom Windham, also a negro. The coroner’s jury that investigated the affair rendered a verdict of justifiable homicide.

Strange why some people always have business outside the parish during court week, isn’t it? And, too, hunting seems to be better about that time of year. Rather peculiar isn’t it?

Stray Horse. I have taken up at my residence seven miles south of Spearsville a stray horse described as follows: Medium size bay pony horse, has white star in his forehead, four white feet, and foretop of mane is shingled. The animal came to my place about Dec. 19, 1900. Unless owner calls for same in 30 days and pays charges, the horse will be sold according to law.  G. A. Castleberry, Spearsville, La.


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