From Downsville

The Gazette
January 30, 1901

Nearly half of the school has been sick with chill, la grippe and pneumonia this week. Two of the small boys have pneumonia.

We are glad to know Miss Cumie Rush has recovered from her illness.

Our new school building is being worked on again The north west room down stairs has been painted, and is being papered.

Bro. Wafer, our pastor of last year, made us a short visit last week. He has lately moved to Ruston.

Our friend and old school mate, Mr. Roney Raley, was buried here last Friday afternoon. He had been suffering for some months with consumption.

“The dumb bell drill” is the chief exercise at school now, the boys drilling one day and the girls the next. We all think we will be greatly benefited by the exercise.

Mr. Jake Staples and Miss Pearl Mims (one of our school girls) were married yesterday, January 24th. We extend to them our congratulations and wish them much success and happiness, hoping they will have just enough clouds to make them appreciate their sunshine.

Miss Lottie Sellers is going to leave for the State Normal next Thursday. We all regret very much to see Lottie leave as she is a good pupil and ranks among the highest classes in school, and is loved by all on account of her sweet disposition.

Nettie Pardue.

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