From Spearsville

The Gazette
November 17, 1897

We are glad to have Mr. E. L. Frost with us again. He returned greatly improved in health.

Mr. Henry Henderson, of Junction City, was a visitor of this place Sunday, the 7th inst. There must be some attraction over here.

Several of our neighbors are to start for Texas this week. Among them are: Messrs. S. H. Rockett, W. E. Rockett and J. J. Hollis. We wish them a pleasant and profitable trip.

Miss Effie Davis, accompanied by Miss Sallie Lou Cobb, visited her parents at Cherry Ridge this week.

Several of our friends attended the sale at Blanchard last Friday. It seems there is some money in the hands of the people yet.

Mr. C. H. Cherry and his sisters, Misses Ida and Mamie, visited relatives in the “west-gourd-neck” settlement last Saturday eve.

Mr. E. P. Kirkpatrick, who is attending school at this place, visited his parents at Marion Friday.

The U. S. Marshal has been in the country looking after the “rum” makers. We hear he made some arrests.

The Junction City opera house was thronged Saturday night with eager spectates to see the exercises of the “Dorothy” troupe.

Mr. J. O. Buckley returned home Saturday, after several days canvassing with his books.

The S. A. K. was highly entertained by the M. O. M. Friday afternoon. The exercises were a fair success, and especially Prof. Mason’s address to the M. O. M. which might apply, also, to the S. A. K. so far as “extremes” are concerned. Such as this is highly appreciated by the Society.


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