Dots From Lillie

The Gazette
February 13, 1901

Ed. Gazette: — As it has been quite a while since “dots” were sent from this place, you will pardon for what is here written.

Mr. J. S. Post and wife, of Haskell, Texas, after spending several weeks here with relatives and friends, left last week for home.

Small pox scare is becoming more intense here since it has been reported that two cases are at Spearsville in Mr. Geo. Hews’ family.

Some of the farmers of his community have rolled logs.

A son of Mr. H. W. Breazeal has pneumonia. La grippe is nearly the universal complaint throughout this community.

Mr. Wilbur E. Castleberry, of Champagnolle, Ark., visited his brother here a few days since.

Mr. W. P. Mason, who went to California last October, has now moved back and purchased land near Brown’s Siding.

Respectfully submitted,
N. B. Bird, Jr.


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