From Farmerville

The Gazette
February 13, 1901

Mr. John Ballard went to Monroe last Tuesday aboard the Rosa B.

Mr. S. C. Trimble left last Tuesday for his home in Hillsboro, Tex.

R. Haas, agent for M. Haas estate, has ordered another car load of furniture, which will soon arrive.

Mr. Edmund Haas left Sunday for New Orleans to attend the Masonic Grand Lodge.

We learn that a telephone line is being put up from Marion to Farmerville.

Up to last Friday Bernice had received 4,700 bales of cotton — nearly double what she got last season.

Remember coffins are cash. Before you get one make your arrangement for the pay. 2-12-’01.  J. R. Simmons.

Mr. S. J. Wall, a prominent planter on Ouachita river, was in Farmerville Monday. Mr. Baughman sold him a lot of fine mules.

We regret to learn that Dr. P. A. Tatum, of Cherry Ridge vicinity, is dangerously ill with pneumonia.

Remember that W. J. Turnage handles the celebrated Hamilton & Brown shoes. He has a full line on hand.

Mrs. M. J. Pearson and Mrs. A. C. Gill were called to Lapile, Ark. last week on account of the serious illness of their grandfather, Mr. Rowland.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor returned home Friday afternoon from their bridal tour. They have secured board at Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Goynes.

Stops the Cough and Works off the Cold. Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay, Price 25 cents.

The Rosa B. came up to Farmerville landing Sunday and went down with a full cargo of cotton, clearing up practically all at the Farmerville landing.

Mrs. Ida Aleus, of Bernice, was summoned to Farmerville Monday on account of the death of her little nephew. She was accompanied by Mr. Jonas Selig.

I have a car load of fine young Missouri mules at Farmerville for sale at lowest market prices. Will keep a good lot of stock on hand throughout the season.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

We learn that Mr. Jacob Stein has accepted a position as clerk on the steamer F. A. Blanks. Mr. Stein is a trustworthy young man, attentive to business, and we congratulate the owners of the boat upon securing his services.

Another session of the district court will convene next Monday, at which time a new grand jury for Union Parish will be empaneled. The petit jury will be brought into use the Monday following.

Rev. Mr. Hamilton, of Brazil, South America, delivered an interesting lecture at the Farmerville Methodist church Saturday evening, descriptive of Brazil and the habits and customs of her people. He also preached Sunday morning and evening.

The police jury last week very wisely decided to let prohibition continue to reign in Union parish. The body stood three to three on the question of issuing license in Junction City. It was a tie, an consequently matters stand as a present – the issuance of no liquor license.

The charter of the Union Mercantile Co., Ltd., new corporation capitalized at $5000 and domiciled at Randolph, La., appears in today’s paper. The incorporatiors are G. W. James, J. M. Brews, D. F. McCullough and their purpose is to do a general mercantile business.

LOST OR STOLEN. One promissory note signed by Dixie and J. W. Holloway in favor of W. M. Green for $180.00, dated June 3, 1900, and due Dec. 1, 1901, on which L. L. Cranford is the witness. All persons are hereby notified no to trade for said note as it is my property.  W. M. Green, Cherry Ridge, La.

The weather for the past few days has been cold and rainy — anything but pleasant.

LOST OR STOLEN. One promissory note drawn in June, 1899, payable four months after date to bearer, signed by J. R. Tabor for the sum of $125.00 with 8 per cent interest from date. All parties are hereby notified not to trade for said note as it is my property. T. J. Breed.

E. J. Carpenter’s splended production of the celebrated play “Quo Vadis” with a large cast, elaborate scenery and magnificent stage effects will be seen at the Monroe Opera House, Monday evening, Feb. 25th.

Levi B. Cobb, the young man from Union Parish who forged a check on the Merchants and Farmers’ Bank of this city in December, came into court and pleaded guilty to forgery. He was given a sentence of eighteen months in the penitentiary. — Monroe News.

NOTICE. All parties holding claims against the estate of L. B. Miller, deceased, are requested to present them to Mrs. Nannie Miller, administratrix, or at the office of Messrs. Barksdale and Barksdale, in Farmerville, not later than Saturday, February 16, 1901.

The Farmerville Epworth League will give a literary entertainment next Friday evening at the Methodist church. The program will consist of essays and music, and possibly a few recitations, in connection with usual devotional exercises. Papers will be devoted to consideration of a few noted poets. Prof. A. S. Humphrey will read an essay on Milton; Mrs. J. R. Simmons on Coleridge; Miss Cora Cook on Byron and Mrs. J. R. Simmons on Longfellow. The musical part of the program will be under the skillful direction or Miss Lucy Denson.


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