1868 Radical Central Committee and Dr. Carr of Farmerville, Union Parish Louisiana

New Orleans Times
August 27, 1868

In denying that W. C. Carr, of Farmersville, is not with his consent a member of the State Radical Central Committee for Union parish, and that he had written to this city to have his name taken off the list, the Record says:

Dr. Carr was an earnest supporter of the reconstruction laws, honestly believing that when the State should be readmitted to representation in Congress we should have that peace we so much desire. But instead of tranquility and a free government being restored, the party in power is resorting to everything possible to keep up agitation and strife, and uselessly squander the substance of an impoverished and tax-ridden people. We have every confidence in the belief that the name of Mr. J. R. Goyne, like that of Dr. Carr is placed on the committee without his knowledge, and will, for the same reasons have his name as promptly stricken off the list.

The Record adds:

We know of many, both white and black, who favored and voted for the measures of the reconstruction laws, who now see that all their efforts to bring peace to our unhappy country were unavailing; and that the only safety for our beloved country is in the efforts of the National Democracy to restore peace, and out of the chaos, confusion and anarchy of Radicalism, bring prosperity and universal quiet under the benign influences of a restored Constitution.


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