A Cowardly Act

The Gazette
April 24, 1901

On last Thursday night between 10 and 11 o’clock, as Mr. J. B. McLaurin was on his way form home to his drugstore, whistling merrily and fearing no harm, some coward who had hidden himself behind the corner of the beef market under the cover of darkness, as Mr. McLaurin approached within about twenty feet, fired point blank at him. Mr. McLaurin promptly returned the fire, but it was too dark for him to even see the form of his assailant. The ball from the pistol of the would-be assassin passed through Mr. McLaurin’s coat sleeve just below the shoulder and barely grazed the skin. Mr. McLaurin can not surmise who the miscreant was, as he knows of no enemy whose grievance against him is sufficiently grave to cause one to try to take his life. But for the fact that Mr. McLaurin was whistling and was so near, the shot might have been thought to come from the pistol of some “sport” who endangers life almost every night by promiscuous  shooting on the street. Such an act is the basest cowardice and the individual resorting to such means to revenge a wrong, real or imaginary, is too contemptible to live; and ’tis a wonder the good Lord permits him longer to cumber the earth. — Bernice Times


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