From Downsville

The Gazette
April 24, 1901

Some of the people around here are looking well now. They have the mumps.

We are having some very cold days this week. It seems that old winter likes to stay with us.

The farmers have put on their long faces because it has turned so cold and has been raining so they can’t put their five-cent cotton in the ground.

Downsville was well represented at the examination in Farmerville last week, and half of the victorious ones were from Downsville.

The Institute of Lincoln Parish was held at Ruston this week. The attendance was very good. Prof. O. B. Staples attended Wednesday and Thursday.

Prof. Q. A. Hester and wife and Miss Minnie Gibbs went to Monroe yesterday.

Misses Addie Staples and Florence Hester have been on the sick list this week, but we are glad to say they are much better.

Miss Janie Hamilton, who has been teaching at Alto, returned home last week.

Fred Pardue left home about a month ago and has not yet returned. Any news concerning him would be gladly accepted by his parents.

Clara Gilliland, Franklin Society

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