From Farmerville

The Gazette
May 8, 1901

Capt. Oscar Baughman came up Thursday from Monroe.

If you wish to buy a nice piece of crockery, go to G. Hartman’s.

Mr. G. Hartman returned from New Orleans Thursday via the gasoline boat Palmer.

The very latest ladies and misses trimmed hats at R. Haas, Agt.

Hartman has a fine line of shoes.

Mr. Shelf, a jolly travelling evangelist, spent a few day of last week in Farmerville.

You can get a good bedstead at R. Haas, for only $1.75.

Mr. J. P. Fenton and family are visiting relatives in Farmeville.

For a good barrel of flour, go to Henderson Bros., Bernice.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor and Miss Rosa Arent went to Monroe Monday to do some shopping.

R. Haas, Agent, will sell you chairs for 50 cents up.

Remember the show will make our town to next Saturday. Two performances will be given.

If you want a good sewing machine — drop head, call at this office.

Misses Pearl Peek and Irene Sharp, two popular young ladies of Ouachita, spent a couple of days in Farmerville last week.

For a pair of shoes that fit and wear see Henderson Bros., Bernice.

A number of persons from Shiloh, Bernice and Spearsville joined at Grafton’s ferry Friday in a very enjoyable picnic.

Dr. J. M. Thurmon went to Marion today on a professional visit, after spending several day in Farmerville.

Go to Hartman’s and see his nobby line of dress goods.

Mr. Abe Arent, representing Meyer Bros., Monroe, was in Farmerville Monday, talking dry goods to our merchants.

See Hartmans’s nice and stylish assortment of ladies’ hats.

Thirty to thirty-five pieces of property changed hands at Saturday’s tax sale. Most of the delinquents settled up before the sale.

Learn Hartman’s prices on furniture before purchasing elsewhere.

Crops and gardens in this section are suffering for rain. The ground is very hard and crusty where it has not been plowed this year.

R. Haas, agent for M. Haas estate, has ordered another car load of furniture, which will soon arrive.

It is a strange coincidence that all the deaths that have occurred in Farmerville recently — some four or five in number — have taken place on Monday.

Henderson Bros, at Bernice, have the largest line of nobby and up-to-date clothing found in this section.

Stein says he is in New Orleans hunting up bargains. He will sell you 5-4 dress goods for 8 cents, fine quality, and other goods which he bought in proportion.

They eclipse anything ever brought to this market. Hats for ladies, misses and children at R. Haas, Agt. Call and examine our stock.

Mr. Luther Barnes, of Jackson Parish, came to Farmerville Sunday afternoon to attend the bedside of his sick brother, Dr. W. W. Barnes, who died Monday morning.

Cash buyers should go to J. W. Stancil’s. By selling only for spot cash, and thus turning over his money often, he is enabled to give you goods at very small margins.

Richard & Co’s show is billed for Oakland next Friday; Farmerville, Saturday; and Bernice, Monday. Read their ad in another column and govern yourself accordingly.

W. J. Turnage has a large line of the renowned Hamilton & Brown shoes. If you want substantial comfortable footwear, get a pair of these shoes.

Richard Co’s. unique shows will exhibit in Farmerville next Saturday. Their exhibitions will be clean, laughable and attractive. Lay aside business cares for an hour and take in the show.

The preliminary trial of Jim Carey, under charge of rape, held last Wednesday before Judge Dawkins, resulted in the accused being granted bail in the sum of $400. Walter Raney, charged with being accessory, was discharged, as not a syllable of evidence against him was adduced on the trial.

It is said that the national indebtedness of the world has grown from $8,410,000,000 in the year 1848 to $31,500,000,000 in 1901. This heavy increase on the wrong-side of the ledger is attributed mainly to the vast armament of the leading nations.

New Store! New Good!! I take this method of informing my friends that I have just opened a nice new stock of dry goods, notions, hats, clothing, etc., in Farmerville. Will sell as cheap as the cheapest for cash. Give me a call.  J. W. Stancil

I have a large assortment of goods, which I am determined to sell. My motto is “quick sales and small profits.” If it is bargains you are after, call at my store. My stock is complete in every line.  W. J. Turnage.

Four or five members of the family of Mr. John Futch, near Cherry Ridge, were seriously poisoned last week by Jamestown weed. They drank coffee that was heated in a vessel in which the weed was previously boiled. By close attention Dr. Tatum succeeded in relieving the afflicted family.

Eld. J. H. Hughes left this morning for New Orleans, to attend a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

For sale or exchange for other cattle — six good milk cows with young calves; also a few half-breed Durham bull calves and one two year old full blood Durham.  J. D. Baughman.


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