Open Saloons vs. Blind Tigers

The Gazette
May 22, 1901

We frequently hear it asserted that the open saloon results in less drunkenness than does the blind tiger. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred you can put down the man who makes such an assertion as one favoring the saloon business. Junction City has tried the blind tiger ad (?) almost ever since she occupied a place on the map until this year when she decided to (?) the method of dealing out “red eye”, “bust head”, “lighting juice”, &e., and now she is experimenting with the open saloon. Hence Junction is fairly well capacitated  to speak by the card concerning the comparative demerits of the two curses to a community.

Here is what the Junction City Democrat says on the subject:

The people who argued in favor of open saloons as against bling tigers have been convinced of their error. At least we have heard several express themselves this way. Since granting this privilege there has been more drunkenness in Junction City than was ever noticed here before. How any reasonable man can make the argument that the sale of whiskey in any town will bring trade and cause that town to grow, is something we are not able to understand.


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