The Gazette
June 19, 1901

Last Saturday night our little town was in perfect uproar and confusion.

There are some half dozen boys who live out of town that make a habit of coming here every Saturday to play the part of the “wild men of the west,” which is not very pleasant, considering the fact that they are always tanked full of “red eye.”

The prevailing condition here Saturday evening and Saturday night was even worse than that found in the slums of large cities. Vulgar and obscene language of the vilest type was indulged in by these drunken men right in the very heart of town, and within a few feet of residences.

It seems to us that this condition of affairs has, here this, reached a terminus. Why it is not checked, we can’t understand. It strikes us that it is a great imposition upon the good people of our town to have to submit, through the inefficiency of our police, to such outrageous deprivations. Of course it would be unjust for us to criticize our police without first ascertaining the cause of these men not being arrested. But we do know that we are paying a marshal to look after such as this, and that our marshal was in town on that evening; but just why these drunken men were allowed their freedom, we can’t say.

Our council should look into this matter at once and prevent a repetition.


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