Revival Notes

The Gazette
June 26, 1901

The meeting which is to begin here Friday evening is expected to be the greatest in the history of Farmerville.

A big arbor on the school campus will seat one thousand people.

There will be plenty of ice water on the grounds, so if “Wild Bill” heats you red hot, you can step to the water barrel and cool off.

Dinner will be on the ground for every body who will bring it; and at the hotel for all who will pay for it.

Farmerville citizens would be delighted to entertain all visitors in their houses, but the crowds will be so large that it will be impossible for them to do so.

It is said that the preachers in and near Bastrop, where Mr. Evans is now holding a meeting, will follow him over to Farmerville.

Some folks are anxious to know what Mr. Wright has to say to them about Mr. Evans. They had better be anxious to know what he will say to the noted evangelist about them.

Some people are now busy sizing up “Wild Bill.” They will a week from now be busy sizing themselves down.

The experience of Christians is not always christian experience. Come to the meeting and get a christian experience.

This is the opportunity of all opportunities for the sinner to make peace with his God. Everybody is requested to work and pray for the success of the revival.

There are nice camping grounds near the arbor. Bring your tents and camp so you can be with us during the entire meeting.

P. C.

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