Ouachita Dots

The Gazette
July 3, 1901

Editor Gazette: I have been thinking for some time of writing up the items of our city, but it is so very seldom we have any news to write down.

Miss Edna Powell, a sweet girl of Marion who has been visiting Miss Viola Platt for some time, returned home to-day.

Miss Frankie Pippen, of Meridian, Miss., is visiting Miss Alma Peek.

Miss Cora Russell, of Enterprise, Miss., is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Geo. F. Clark, and will remain sometime.

Miss Abbie Ford, of Monroe, is visiting her sister, Mrs. P. H. Ford.

Miss Lucile Hamilton is visiting Miss Sallie Steele.

The young people of Island DeSiard, joined our young folks Wednesday night and enjoyed a tacky party given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Clark in honor of Miss Cora Hassell. (note her name was Russell 3 lines up) There were twenty couples present and about 12 o’clock refreshments were served, and the young people enjoyed themselves until 1 o’clock, and then said good night and wended their way homeward. Mr. Claud Gulley won the prize for being the luckiest young man in the house. We hope Mr. and Mrs. Clark will open their hospitable home again soon and give us another entertainment.

The young people are anticipating a fish fry this week, also several boat rides.

A nice little rain fell Tuesday, and it was refreshing as it was so dry, but did not do much good.

One Two Three.

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