Attempted Assassination

The Gazette
July 31, 1901

On last Saturday night some cowardly assassin attempted the assassination of a man by the name of Lande, who resides about two miles south of town in Louisiana. His wife was sick in bed and he was either waiting on her or putting some children to bed, and while stooping over her someone thrust a Winchester rifle in at the window and fired, the bullet taking effect, we learn, passing through some part of the body and arm. We also learn that an attempt was made about two weeks ago to take his life but was a failure, neither did the wound on last Saturday night prove fatal.

Every effort should be made to ferret this thing out, and it is hoped that the cowardly fiend will be run to earth. The state penitentiary is really too good a place for such people. We do not know upon whom suspicion rests, but we do hope that the guilty party will be found out and that he may be made to pay the full penalty of the law for such cases. When such people are permitted to live in any community, no man is safe even in his own house in company with his wife and children, and the sooner the country can rid itself of such characters the better it will be for the safety of its citizens. –Junction City Democrat.

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