District Court

The Gazette
August 21, 1901

Court was called to order Monday at 10:30 o’clock, with all the officers at their respective posts.

Judge Dawkins appointed J. D. Baughman foreman of the grand jury and the panel was completed as follows: O. G. Burford, J. S. Henry, D. E. Ford, J. W. Tillery, J. R. Cook, Levi Turner, M. H. Stancil, A. B. Ford, Rommie Gill, D. W. Spencer and W. A. Kirkpatrick.

Mose Menser was convicted of selling liquor without license. Finded $100 and costs or sentenced to four months in jail.

Two cases against Dr. R. H. Seaife – one for assault with a dangerous weapon and the other for shooting at dwelling house — were dismissed and motion of district attorney.

A nolle prosseqni  was entered in case against Henry Futch, on charge of assault and battery.

Fred Wells was fined $50 and costs for cutting timber on public land.

Will Lockett pleaded guilty to disturbing peace on public highway and was fined $25 and costs.

In suit of H. M. Blackman vs. Middle Fork Lumber Co., judgement was rendered pursuant to agreement in favor of plaintiff for $502.04

In case of State vs. Steve Goyne et al., charged with disturbing peace on public road, Steve Goyne and Burt Ham were convicted, and the other defendants discharged.

Henry Payne was acquitted of charge of shooting on public highway and convicted of carrying concealed weapons.

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