Memories of Farmerville


Union Museum of History and Art in Farmerville, Louisiana proudly presents this 2017 short historical documentary “Memories of Farmerville” which commemorates the town’s 175th anniversary by presenting recollections and images of life in the town and rural northeastern Louisiana from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. Featuring four interviews with key townspeople and photographs and pictures that help evoke our experience of the past, the film lasts just over 40 minutes and was produced by Charles Paxton of Our grateful thanks go out to the four interviewees: M. Stein Baughman Jr., Mary Dozier Hill, Verdell Ventroy, and Marilyn Ludwig Wilhite for sharing their recollections and all the very many people who contributed photographs, artwork and video to bring this project to life. We’d also like to thank Kerry Hill of Hill Oil for sponsoring this project. Thanks also to Cyberlink Power Director and to Panasonic for equipment used to produce this documentary.

The video is available to purchase for a $10 donation to the Union Museum of History and Art. The Museum will also mail the video for an additional $4 for shipping and handling.

Union Museum of History and Art
116 N Main Street 
Farmerville, LA 71241




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