George Washington Albritton & Sarah Ann Fowler

Dr. Timothy Hudson

George Washington Albritton was born in Wilkinson County, Georgia in 1810, the son of Enoch Albritton and Penelope Frizzle. Enoch and Penelope had both been born in Pitt County, North Carolina in 1771 and 1772, respectively. They married there about 1792 or 1793, but left North Carolina in 1806 or 1807 and moved to Georgia. Sometime after 1820, Enoch moved his family west to Wilcox County, Alabama, probably in 1821 or 1822. They settled near the village of Snow Hill.

Enoch purchased a farm in Snow Hill and lived near his grown sons Allen, John, and Silas, as well as daughter Lavincy Albritton Lee and her husband Martin B. Lee, and perhaps other married daughters. Enoch Albritton died there in 1834 and was buried in the old Snow Hill Cemetery.

Afterwards, during the remainder of the 1830s, George and his mother lived together, as all of Penelope’s other children had married. In 1836 George purchased government land in adjoining Conecuh County, but there is no indication that he ever lived there; in 1840 he was still living in Snow Hill with his mother, and other records indicate that he resided there during the 1840s.

About 1842, George W. Albritton married a daughter of Richard and Sarah Fowler. The Fowlers moved to Alabama in 1818 from Columbus County, North Carolina. Their eldest daughter was Elizabeth, born in 1813, and their fourth daughter was Milly (Amelia?), born in 1817. It is not clear which of these daughters George W. Albritton married in 1842, but one of them became his wife and the mother of his two eldest sons. However, shortly after the second son was born in 1846, the first wife died, perhaps in childbirth. In 1847, George W. Albritton moved with his brother-in-law Noah Scarborough and sister Lavincy Albritton Lee to Union Parish LA. It appears his sons remained in Alabama, perhaps with his mother Penelope Albritton. But in late 1849, George returned to Wilcox County, Alabama and in January 1850, he married the sister of his first wife, Sarah Ann Fowler.

Sarah Ann had been born in 1823, Monroe or Clarke County. Alabama. Shortly afterwards, they moved back to Union Par LA with his sons and his mother, Penelope Frizzle Albritton. George Washington Albritton was a Primitive Baptist and probably a member of Liberty Hill Primitive Baptist Church. He was too old to serve in the army during the War for Southern Independence, but his eldest son Enoch Richard Albritton served in both the Confederate Army and Cavalry.

George W. Albritton died in 1867 and was buried in the Liberty Hill/Taylor Cemetery. Sarah Ann Fowler Albritton only lived a few more years, as she died in 1875. All of the Albrittons living in eastern Union Parish, Louisiana descend from George Washington Albritton and Sarah Ann Fowler Albritton (the descendents of G. W. Albritton’s first Fowler wife remaining in Union Parish, Louisiana don’t have the Albritton surname).


Dr. Tim Hudson is the mathematics department head at Southeastern Louisiana and an avid historian on Union Parish. Hudson is a Union Parish native and graduate of Farmerville High School.



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