History of Shiloh Baptist Church

History of Churches Composing Concord Churches

Eld. W. M. Cooksey was ordained by this church in 1898, elected pastor and served about four years, when he resigned and took up the orphanage work; the church regretted to give him up. It was noticeable that during his pastorate the church developed in the grace of giving to missions and ministerial education.

From September 1901 to July 1902 the church was without a pastor, but meetings were kept up and we had occasional preaching by visiting brethren, Elder B. F. Milam was called and began to preach in July 1902, the call was “indefinite” a new departure with this church. In May 1903 Bro. Milam resigned, stating that Eld. W.L. Feazell would serve the church in the same way: Saturday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. which proved unsatisfactory.

Bro. Feazell called a meeting in August 1903 and was called for once a month until the church could do better. In November following Bro. Feazell was called for 14 months. He served until the next July, preaching on Saturday and Sunday once a month for a salary of $20.00 per month and resigned. The church paid him up in full and in August 1904 Eld. LM. Holmes held a meeting with the church – 8 baptisms and 3 restored. The church extended Bro. Holmes a unanimous call which, later, he accepted, and began preaching regularly in October following at $15.00 per month. Then without a pastor the church tried to keep up regular meetings. Bro. J.W. Smith, a licentiate, would occupy the stand; also Bro. J. E. Thompson was invited and occasionally preached for us and at this writing Bro. L. N. Holmes was still pastor August 1906.

It has been the custom if this church to call annually (Except with Bro. Milam and frequently wore preachers out, or until they became physically unable to preach. This church has the unique distinction of having the shortest pastorates on record of the writers knowledge. Just before Bro. J. W. Melton died, the church called Eld. J.N. Hartley of ElDorado, Ark. He accepted by letter and resigned the same way before he preached. In justice to Bro. Hartley, in the meantime he was called to travel as financial agent for Quachita College, a much better position, as it enabled him to enter his children in school free.

A statement should have been made earlier that Eld. J. N. Finley was ordained to the gospel ministry by this church. It was during the existence of the Concord Institute, as he was a ministerial student, perhaps in 1876 or 1877. Bro. J. D. Hamilton served the church as clerk continuously for about 14 years and was superintendent of the Sunday School about ten years. Bro. R.J. Tabor had served as clerk in all about 20 years, and is now the clerk. He has also been superintendent of the Sunday School about 16 years and is now the superintendent. The church has had a Sunday School, summer and winter, continuously for more than 10 years. Sometimes the school has been pretty low, but, by the united efforts of a few it can continue. Some of our best paying brethren are gone and about $12.50 a month is about what we pay now for once a month services.

We cannot give the exact number of baptisms as some of the earlier records have been lost–nor less, however, than 600. The Association has met with us at least three times–in 1868, 1875 or `76, and call session in 1889.

R. J. Tabor
Committee for the Church

Dec. 29, 1907, a young brother D.C. Walker, accidentally shot and killed himself. He was a promising young member. It was sad, sad, and all truly sympathized with his parents and only sister. This and other deaths that followed in a short while will be long remembered by Shiloh church and community. In February, Deacon A. S. Coplen was
called to his reward; he was faithful and has been greatly missed. In April Mr. T. W. Clark was killed in Bernice while acting as a peace maker, and was buried in our cemetery. His wife is a faithful member of Shiloh church. Then in April came the death of Sister Nollie Hamilton, wife of Bro. J. D. Hamilton. She was a devoted Christian worker. She has been greatly missed by the Ladies Aid, for she was a leading member and light of that society. Then old Bro. Walker Breed got a fall from which he died in a few days. He was rarely ever missing from his church meetings. Then soon followed his faithful invalid wife.

Next came old Bro. D.K. McLaurin who was a long time justice of the peace, and was truly known as a peace maker. May the Lord protect his old companion who survives him. She is the mother of our Dr. J. R. Edwards whom Shiloh church claims as her son.
May we all be more faithful to the Master’s cause for the pure lives of those who have passed to their reward in such a short while.

During the spring of 1908 the church and community put a substantial iron fence around the cemetery. Costing over $700. In August, our pastor, assisted in preaching by Bro. Henson, held a meeting of a week, a good meeting; 6 baptized, mostly from the Sunday School. The pastor organized a Young Men’s prayer meeting where all can take a part. It has now lasted nearly a year, when Satan’s emissaries predicted it would soon cease. It does our hearts good to see how most all the congregation, including the sisters have been studying the Bible. They have been praying for the Sunday School and its superintendent, which shows signs of life.

Altogether with the faithful preaching of Bro. Holmes now, in May 1909, we thank God and trust that old Shiloh will continue to let her light shine, and more of her young men may go forth, to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ.

April 25, 1909

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