A Pleasant Occasion


The Gazette
September 18, 1901

Editor Gazette:

On Friday night last, the ladies of Marion gave an ice cream supper, at the academy, the proceeds of which will be used in buying books for the school library.

The rain poured in torrents until nearly sundown, after which the clouds dispersed and the people began to gather, and to our utter surprise quite a large crowd was present. The house was tastefully arranged beforehand by the young ladies and young gentlemen of town.

At one of the ice cream booths, Miss Norma Stewart presided, assisted by Mr. Bod Edwards; at another ice cream booth Misses Lulu Roark and Mittie Thompson presided, assisted by Mr. Robert Pace; and at the lemonade stand Miss Edna Powell presided, assisted by Mr. Brantley.

Lemonade, ice cream and cake were served during the early part of the evening then came the lively time, viz. Voting the cake to the prettiest young lady. Several young ladies were voted for, but the closest race was between Miss Edna Powell and Miss Lulu Roark, Miss Edna Powell being the successful one, by a majority of four votes. The cake given Miss Powell was “a thing of beauty.” It was prepared by Mrs. S. S. Thomas. In a few well chosen words Mr. Lonnie Everett presented the cake to Miss Powell.

Next came the voting on a big old fashioned ginger cake to be given to the ugliest young man. The voting reached a lively pitch, for boys and as well as girls voted on the ginger cake; but Mr. Robert Pace was caught napping as to the possibility  of his being the recipient, and while entertaining a certain young lady, the other boys and girls voted to him the Ginger Cake, after which there was much laughter and cheering.

Then came the ring cake: — A beautiful cake had been prepared by Mrs. Alice Hopkins, in which was placed a gold ring. The young men and young ladies cut for the ring. Of course each one wished for the prize, but Miss Cora Reed was the fortunate one.

Although the weather was so inclement, still we had a good attendance and every one spent a happy evening knowing they had engaged in innocent amusement and furthering a good cause.

From the evening’s entertainment, we realized $22.10. We sincerely thank all who contributed toward the occasion in any way.



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