From Junction City

The Gazette
October 2, 1901

Mr. Editor:

In your last issue of Gazette you gave good advice to the good people of Junction City in regard to the blind tiger, now don’t you think that the good people of Farmerville could do the same. Go forth and discharge their duty, assist the court, the officers and the grand jury to keep down the blind tiger of this town, but if one is surprised and caught up with, what is done, he is tried before the courts and let go. Why? Because white men of this town upholds him in selling whiskey, the men that furnishes the whiskey for the negro to sell gets him out of it, and he goes on selling it. We all know it is sold here. You see it on the streets. What is a poor mother to do that has children? How heart-breaking it is for a mother to see her fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy come home at the midnight hour drunk; to see the father come staggering home. What can a lady do that is in business? Must she close her doors to keep from seeing men turn up their bottles and drink? If she goes to the front door she sees it. If she goes to the back door she sees it. I say a man that will drink whiskey before a lady will do anything. He ought not to be recognized by decent people. I say, for the love of God, and for the love of the poor wife and children, if they will sell it, don’t sell it to a man that is robbing his wife and children of bread to eat and clothes to wear. If he has no more respect and love for them than to do it, I appeal to the man that sells whiskey to have mercy on the wife and children and not let him have it.

If the good men of the town can’t find the blind tiger the good lady can.

A. B. C.


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