Warning to Mormons

The Gazette
October 9, 1901

Point, La.
October 5, 1901

Inasmuch as Mormonism has been planted in a part of this parish, adjacent to our neighborhood, where the people are all illiterates and far from being cultured, and just as deadly poison swallowed into the stomach, rapidly spreads into the entire body, so this pernicious doctrine has been spreading its corruption until we wished to know the truth of the whole matter.

Therefore we called on our Bro. A. J. Slocum to represent the Baptist cause, and whereas, our Bro. A. J. Slocum met two Mormon Elders in an open discussion upon the doctrines of Christ, and after proving to them that the Baptist church was the church of Jesus Christ, he then uncovered and laid bare what they had ever denied; and inasmuch as it was shown, and the Elders acknowledged to teaching men that it is right for men to have ten wives; it being shown from their covenant that damnation rested on all who disobeyed this command, and as it was further shown that they only carry the Bible for a disguise; that their book of doctrine declares the Bible done away (page 131) and as it was shown to be the offspring of the seeds of licentiousness, sown by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young in their fiendish desire to gratify the demon’s thirst:

Be it resolved, that we, the undersigned, do hereby openly denounce Mormonism in every phase and character, and, be it further resolved, that we give all Mormon Elders timely notice by the publication of these resolutions in different papers that they are warned against stopping in this section of the parish of Union, State of Louisiana.

We will not tolerate, neither allow God’s word set aside and adultery and fornication set up or the teaching of such.

B. H. Harris, O. S. Slocum, Fuller McCrary, Warren McCarary, Cubie Terry, Anna Terry, Mrs. M. A. Terry, R. L. Terry, Symthy Bayles, Joe Antley, Roxy Owens, J. T. Simpson, W. N. Feazel, L. S. Antley, J. T. Watson, W. W. Acre, J. L. Acre, W. D. Biggs.



2 thoughts on “Warning to Mormons

  1. I find it interesting that people who claim to have the truth feel so threatened that they need to resort to threats themselves. If it was truly so well refuted, as they claim, why not publish the proof instead of an unverifiable claim?
    It seems that such a published statement likely led more people to investigate the church than avoid it.


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