From Farmerville

Farmerville Main Street
The Gazette
October 30, 1901

School crayons for sale at this office.

Mrs. Matilda Selig is visiting relatives in Bernice.

Robert Roberts, Esq., of our town, visited Ruston Sunday.

Rooks, at Bernice, can supply you with anything in the jewelry line.

We understand that the Bernice Bank will be opened for business this week.

Mr. O. O. Clark, of Monroe, spent a few days recently in Union Parish, looking after his interests here.

Examination of applicants for teachers’ certificates will be held to-day and to-morrow in Farmerville.

Rev. Barnette Wright has gone to Bastrop to assist Rev. P. O. Lowrey in a protracted meeting there.

Mr. W. D. Fryar, representing the Roseborough Monument house of St. Louis, was in Farmerville Monday.

Capt. F. P. Stubbs, of the Monroe legal fraternity, was in Farmerville Tuesday on legal business.

Mr. J. D. Baughman is preparing to build a spacious and handsome residence on his Thompson place near town.

Rooks, the jeweler at Bernice, guarantees all his work. Take your watches, clocks and sewing machines to him.

Mr. Jerry Dixon, the popular representative of Hansell & Bro., Ltd. of New Orleans, was in Farmerville Monday.

J. D. Baughman has just received a car load of best high patent flour, guaranteed which he is selling for only $4.75 per barrel.

Messrs. Clark Bros. have bought out the interest of Mr. J. C. Montgomery in the livery business of Clark & Montgomery at Monroe.

To persons desiring to hold cotton I will advance $25 to $30 per bale for all placed in my hands at moderate rate of interest. J. G. Trimble

Judge Allen Barksdale and C. B. Roberts, Esq., returned to their home in Ruston Saturday, after spending the week in the interest of clients.

Wanted For Cash. Hides, beeswax, tallow, brass, copper, chickens, eggs, coon and minx hides and other produce. D. Stein.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Rowland, Miss Georgie Henry and Mr. Elmo Rewland, of El Dorado, Ark., visited relatives and friends in Farmerville last week.

Mr. Mann, representative of R. G. Dun Mercantile Agency, spent last Friday in Farmerville, looking into the commercial interests of this section.

We are informed that some negroes in the 10th ward of this parish indulged in a little shooting scrape last week; but we could get no definite particulars.

NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. Your taxes to the Corporation of Farmerville are now due, and early settlements are requested. If not paid by December 31st, forced settlements will be made.  D. Stein, Town Clerk

Messrs. J. W. Taylor and W. J. Atkinson went to Ruston Monday to witness the game of football between the L. S. U. and Industrial Institute teams.

Dr. Jos. B. Wharton, son of Eld. J. U. H. Wharton, formerly a resident of Farmerville, will be married to Miss Pattie Goodwin in El Dorado, Ark., to-day.

Mr. Willie Goynes, of Union Parish, is in Ouachita, prospecting with a view to locating here. His intentions is to purchase a plantation south of Monroe. — News.

Cotton Seed. Will pay $9 per ton and supply sacks, or $10 per ton and seller furnish sacks, for all cotton seed delivered at Farmerville warehouse.  John Ballard, Agt. Union Oil Mill.

Mr. Julius Arent made a business trip to Bernice Monday.

Dr. C. H. Laurence, of Ruston, has recently returned from Chicago, where he took the post graduate course in dentistry, thus better qualifying himself for the practice of his chosen profession.

The property assessment of the town of Farmerville for taxation purposes for 1901 amount to $77,555. The board of aldermen have levied a tax of seven mills, which will bring in a revenue from ad valor em taxes of $542.88.

The Knights of Pythias of Farmerville will give an entertainment on Wednesday evening, Nov. 6th, at their hall in our town, to which the public generally are invited. Several prominent Pythians will deliver addresses on that occasion.

The price of cotton has taken several tumbles during the past few day.

Mrs. Jonas Wolf, of LeCompte, La., will reach Farmerville today to visit relatives and friends.

Mr. Malcolm Reinhart, of Ruston, made a flying trip to Farmerville Sunday. We presume his “business” was of such a character that it could be attended to on the Sabbath, as he returned home the same day.

Mr. W. J. Turnage is having lumber and other material placed on the ground preparatory to erecting and addition to his residence on North Main street.

The question for discussion at the next meeting, Tuesday evening, Nov. 5, of the Farmerville Debating Club is, “Resolved, that man’s true education is acquired in the home rather than in the school.” The debaters selected are Messrs. C. H. Jameson and W. D. Munholland for the affirmative, and Messrs. Edward Everett and R. Roberts for the negative.

After a visit of several weeks with relatives and friends in Union Parish, Mrs. Harriet Elder left Monday for a visit in Ruston. She was accompanied by her son, Mr. Allen Edler.

Lost or Stolen! From W. F. Usrey’s lot in Oakland, on the night of October 22, 1901, one Black Horse Mule, about 10 years old, 15 hands high; large bush at end of tail, white mark in bend of both hind legs, Roman nose, often snaps his lips. Any information concerning said mule or his return will be liberally rewarded. Address, W. F. Usrey, Oakland, La.; or, H. C. Atkins, Truxno, La.

Mr. J. T. Wade, who has been for some time in the Jackson Asylum suffering from a temporary aberration of his mind, arrived on the noon cannon ball today and appears to have regained his mental faculties. He was met by his wife in Ruston and left this evening for D’Arbonne where he has been engaged in merchandising. — Ruston Leader.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Fenton died Monday about noon. It was an invalid since birth. The little one’s remains were laid at rest Tuesday in the Farmerville cemetery.

I will be in Farmerville on Monday, November 4th, to say one week, and will be prepared to do your dental work.  C. H. Laurence.

Miss Maude Barr, of Union Parish, was married last week in Vicksburg, Miss., to Mr. Trabue, a life insurance agent. The bride is the daughter of the late J. O. Barr, deceased of our parish.

Miss Maude Selig entertained the Twentieth Century Club Tuesday evening at her residence. At next session the Club will conclude the study of “In Memoriam,” after which “Idyls of the King” will probably be taken up.

The “Glee Club,” of Marion will give an entertainment at the academy in our sister town on Friday evening, Nov. 8th. The program will consist of vocal and instrumental music, drills and pantomimes. A small admittance — 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children — will be charged, the proceeds to be used in carpeting the academy.. A large attendance is expected, for not only will those present enjoy an entertaining program but they will at the same time aid in a good cause.

Mrs. Martha Wilson, mother of Messrs. Frank and Willis Wilson, of Holmesville neighborhood, died last week, after a prolonged illness. She was a noble christian woman and has gone to her reward. Age 74 years.

For Sale. I have three good milk cows and seven yearlings, also fifteen head of hogs, which I will sell cheap for cash.  W. J. Atkinson.


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