Dryburgh – Brown

The Gazette
October 16, 1901

Monroe young society folks are excited and talking much, although all of them combined know but little of the subject they are discussing.

Wednesday evening Miss Ethel Dryburgh, the accomplished daughter of Mr. Alex Dryburgh, the popular proprietor of the Monroe Hotel, quietly took the east bound V. S. & P. train for Chicago and her parents learning of her sudden departure left for that city on the morning Iron Mountain train, and some people began to talk. The young ladies in the confidence of Miss Dryburgh stated that she had gone to Chicago to join her husband.

The story as it came to the News is that last month while Mrs. Dryburgh and and Miss Ethel were in Chicago, Miss Ethel met a young gentleman of that city — Mr. Ralph Brown. The two at once became infatuated with each other and decided to marry., the ceremony taking place quietly in that city on the 4th of September.

The marriage was kept a profound secret to all the members of the family, not even Mrs. Dryburgh knowing anything of it. Miss Dryburgh returned home with her mother several weeks ago, and all during the time she stayed here it was not known that she was married, except, perhaps, to one or two of her close personal friends among the young ladies.

Mr. Dryburgh telegraphed to-day from Chicago to this city, instructing that his daughter’s trunk be sent her to that city. So it’s likely that the parents have forgiven the young couple and placed their benediction upon them.

The News extends its well wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown. May they live long. happily and prosperously. — Monroe News.


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