That Mormon Question

This article is very hard to read, so please bare with me on this one. I will do my best to record their rebuttal to the previous article.

The Gazette
October 23, 1901

Point, La., Oct. 14, 1901.

Inasmuch as the brethren of the Baptist church have drawn up a list with a few names signed to same, forbidding Mormons in this part, I wish to make a few remarks on the matter. It is not my desire to offend any one.

First, Elders did not acknowledge to teaching or practicing polygamy since 1890; and if the writer had read, with true understanding, what he mentioned in the commandments on page 13(8)1 he would had have said, or rather believed that they carried the Bible for a disguise. I guess there was some who heard the discussion who did not understand. As Paul said, the things of “God are only understood by the spirit of God.” 1 Cor. 2, 14.

We are somewhat surprised not to see more names to this list as God declares that His children shall be presented. Acts, 8, 13; Acts 12, 15; Heb 14, 36-38; Acts. 28, 22; John 16, 1-4; 2 Tim. 4, 12. If it were not for the world being us, we would know we were wrong and flee from Mormonism. John says if we are of the world the world would love us and it of God, the world will hate us. John 15.17-22.

I want to tell you, dear friends, that you may drive the Mormons out; you may kill them but they will come again as God’s work is this time set up never more to be thrown down, Dan. 2, 44. God says that vengeance is His, (Dent. 32 35.) and if so it is the work of the Devil to run us out, for the Devil is false and a murderer. John 8, 13-44.

Hoping this will not offend anyone, but put the love of God in their hearts, and if you have the love of God you will not want to offend you neighbor.

Dear friends, keep quiet for a little while and we may be from you as we would not be surprised to be called to a gathering place as Gold will gather his people before the end of time, Jer. 30, 1-3, Mic 4, 1-2, Zech. 10, 6-8, Psalms 50, 5, Rev, 18, 4.

Wm. H. Wall


In the recent issue The Gazette published a warning to Mormons which was signed by a number of citizens of Point neighborhood. We this week publish the Mormon’s rejoinder. Both sides have had an inning; and future articles on the subject will not be given gratuitous insertion in these columns.


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