Blind Tiger Found

The Gazette
October 23, 1901

Saturday afternoon a few of our citizens, headed by Town Marshal Dawson, set out to find the “blind tiger,” whose signs have been apparent on our streets several days of late. We are glad to state that their search was not without success. In the house of Will Dock Smith, a negro, they discovered the “animal,” or at least something that was pretty close kin to him. In a wardrobe in Smith’s house was found several bottles of liquor for sale, and we are told that when the negro was confronted with the discovery, he made conflicting statements concerning its ownership. Will Dock and other negroes in Farmerville are supposed to have been peddling whiskey for some time. The better element of our people are extremely tired of this wanton violation of our prohibition laws and are determined to put a stop to it one way or another. With the infamous liquor peddler in Farmerville, “patience has ceased to a virtue.” If he cannot be suppressed through the process of the courts, other means will doubtless be resorted to. All whiskey peddlers should take warning. Our citizens do not propose to tolerate them in our midst.



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